1st Edition

The French and the Pacific World, 17th–19th Centuries Explorations, Migrations and Cultural Exchanges

Edited By Annick Foucrier Copyright 2005
    388 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In The French in the Pacific World Annick Foucrier has brought together an important set of studies on the French presence in the Pacific up to the start of the 20th century. The volume opens with a section on the context of the French expansion, including its rivalries with other European powers. Following studies treat patterns of trade and exchange, and settlement and migration, then look at the French image of and reaction to the worlds round the Pacific and the people of the islands, covering the period from the voyages of exploration to the era of colonization.

    Contents: Introduction. Part 1 Overviews and European Rivalries: European expansion in the Island Pacific: a historiographical review, Robert Aldrich; The French presence in the Pacific Ocean and California, 1700-1850, Annick Foucrier; Aspects of French policy in the Pacific, 1853-1906, C.W. Newbury. Part 2 Exchanges and migrations: French whalers in New Zealand, Christiane Mortelier; The Trans-Canadian French connection with the Pacific Northwest frontier: missionnaries, books, and media in Oregon, 1835-55, Lawrence J. McCrank; The voyage of Captain Lucas and the daguerreotype to Sydney, R. Derek Wood; The French presence in Sydney and the establishment of the French Chamber of Commerce, Ivan Barko; '... to divide their love': celebrating Frenchness and Americanization in San Francisco, 1850-1909, Annick Foucrier. Part 3 Colonial Societies: Colonisation or incarceration? The changing role of the French penal colony in fin-de-siècle New Caledonia, Stephen A. Toth; The foundation of Voh 1892-95: French migrants on the West Coast of New Caledonia, Isabelle Merle; ’Noumea no good. Noumea no pay’: ’New Hebridean’ indentured labour in New Caledonia, 1865-1925, Dorothy Shineberg; Engendering French colonial history: the case of Indochina, Marie-Paule Ha. Part 4 Changing Representations: Asian Civilizations: Beijing-Versailles: relations between Qing Dynasty China and France, Jean-Paul Desroches; Consul de France in mid-19th-century China, Raphael Israeli; Critical response to Japan at the Paris 1878 exposition universelle, Deborah Levitt-Pasturel; The tears of Madame Chrysanthème: love and history in France's Japan, Matt K. Matsuda; Pacific Island Peoples: The choosers or the dispossessed? Aspects of the work of some French 18th-century Pacific explorers, Jane Elliott; The scientific expedition of Léon de Cessac to California, 1877-79, Henry Reichlen and Robert F. Heizer; Victor Segalen: ethnography and ’exotisme’ in Les Immémoriaux, Rosemar


    Annick Foucrier