1st Edition

The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications Volume 17 - Television Technology

By Fritz E. Froehlich, Allen Kent Copyright 1998

    Television Technology to Wire Antennas

    "Television Technology, Brian T. Evans Terminals for Satellite Communications, William Brandon Tesla, Nikola, Marc Davidson Theory of Telecommunications Switching, Joseph Hui Time-Frequency Analysis, Shie Qian and Dapang Chen Toll Free Services. Traffic Management: A Review of Call Admission Control Schemes for Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks, Harry G. Perros and Khaled M. Fuad Elsayed Traffic Management in Telephone Networks. Transforms. Transmission and Distribution of Optically Generated Microwave/Millimeter Wave Signals, Dilip K. Paul Trellis Coded Modulation. U.S. Telephone Industry Associations. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)-Mobile Communication In the 21st Century, Axel Kupper, Otto Spaniol, and Kai Jakobs Universal Service, David Gabel, Scott Kennedy, and Eric Ralph Usability Engineering. Vail, Alfred, Moira Lynn Mefein Vail, Theodore Newton, Moira Lynn Mefein Value Added Network Services. Varian, Russell H., Moira Lynn Mefein Varian, Sigurd F., Moira Lynn Mefein Very Low Bit Rate Face Animation Coding in MPEG-4, Eric Petajan Video Compression, Basil R. Halhed Video and Internet Services Delivery Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks, Rik Missault Videotex Gateways. Virtual Private Networks. Voice and Data Over the Telephone Network Using Framed QADM, Gordon Bremer and Ken Ko Voice and Voiceband Data Transmission, Laurence S. DiBiaso Westinghouse, George, Jr., Rebecca L. Torzone Wire Antennas. See Modern Design Tools and Theory of Wire Antennas Volume 11, pages 413\n\472 "


    Fritz E. Froehlich (Author) , Allen Kent (Author)