1st Edition

The Future of the Arctic Human Population Migration in the North

    214 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Future of the Arctic Human Population seeks to explore the challenges of Arctic migration, immigrants, and refugees and how integrated societies can be developed. Moreover, it discusses disparities between regions on policies and their implementation.

    This book explores how cross-border cooperation is needed to provide innovative solutions to migration challenges such as cultural differences, acceptance, and integration into local communities, and joining the labour market. It examines whether there are regional differences in well-being among immigrants in Arctic countries. The book considers how we can build and model integrated societies, and what tools and measure can be used to assess inclusive and resilient societies.

    Part I. Introduction

    Chapter 1: Introduction: challenges and opportunities regarding migration in the North

    Nafisa Yeasmin, Satu Uusiautti and Timo Koivurova

    Part II. Immigration and Labour Market

    Chapter 2: Is language the key to work? Integration of immigrants and dynamics of the labour markets in Turku, Southwest Finland

    Elli Heikkilä, Sari Vanhanen and Saara Linnatsalo

    Chapter 3: Towards a sustainable economic integration: policy and practice

    Nafisa Yeasmin and Elli Heikkilä

    Part III. Gender and Migration in the Arctic

    Chapter 4: Equality for all? Migration and gender equality in Iceland

    Lara W. Hoffmann, Stéphanie Barillé and Markus Meckl

    Chapter 5: The pre-determinants of establishing immigrant women entrepreneurship in Lapland: theory and practice

    Nafisa Yeasmin and Timo Koivurova

    Chapter 6: Saami women’s migration in and from the Arctic

    Pigga Keskitalo

    Part IV: Local Languages, Education: Integration of Adult and Youth

    Chapter 7: Adjusting parenting and perceptions of well-being in the host country: a comparative analysis of immigrant parents in the Finnish Arctic and Singapore

    Nafisa Yeasmin and Satu Uusiautti

    Chapter 8: International higher education students’ resilience and willingness to immigrate in the Lapland region

    Zübeyde Durna, Satu Uusiautti and Kaarina Määttä

    Chapter 9: Immigrant youth vulnerabilities in the COVID-19 era

    Ayonghe Akonwi Nebasifu and Nafisa Yeasmin

    Part V: Outward Migration from the Arctic

    Chapter 10: "I have already imagined my life elsewhere": a bottom-up perspective on youth outmigration

    Marika Kettunen

    Chapter 11: Conformal migration: the integrative way to a new society of Finland and Russia

    Nafisa Yeasmin and Pavel Tkach

    Chapter 12: Employment and migration in the Arctic Region: a case study of Spitzbergen/Svalbard Archipelago

    Harun Gümrükçü, Zeynep Seda Soylu, Sabit Alabaş and Sümeyye Güneş


    Nafisa Yeasmin did her PhD research on Arctic Immigration at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Finland.

    Satu Uusiautti is a vice-rector and a professor of education in the Department of Education, University of Lapland, Finland.

    Timo Koivurova is a research professor of the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Finland.

    Timothy Heleniak is a senior research fellow at Nordregio, the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development in Stockholm, Sweden.