1st Edition

The Global Forest Sector Changes, Practices, and Prospects

Edited By Eric Hansen, Rajat Panwar, Richard Vlosky Copyright 2014
    480 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    478 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Changes in production, demand, supply, and trade patterns; the impact of green building and bioenergy on industry practices and policy infrastructure; and new economies with production advantages and large consumption bases all present challenges and opportunities in the forest sector. With contributions from leading experts in academia and professional organizations, The Global Forest Sector: Changes, Practices, and Prospects fills a gap in the literature that is preventing students, scholars, and policy makers from developing a timely, structured, big-picture view of forest sector business. In addition, the book reviews current thinking on a wide variety of business management issues in the forest sector.

    The book covers managing change in the global forest sector and the impact of globalization on forest users. It discusses markets and market forces, new products and product categories, and the influence of China and Russia. The book then examines the environmental paradigm, including environmental activism, sustainability, and the impact of green building and bioenergy. The book concludes with coverage of the role of information technology, corporate social responsibility, innovation, and next steps.

    Overall, this book helps readers both develop a bird’s eye view of the changes surrounding the forest sector as well as have a magnified view of numerous managerial issues associated with these changes. The content paints a picture of the current and changing forest sector including the state of forests, the nature of markets, the newly emerged patterns of stakeholder impact, and evolution of key business practices. It provides the foundation needed to develop the conservation-based economy required for future success in the global forest sector.

    Changing Context of the Global Forest Sector
    Understanding and Managing Change in the Global Forest Sector, Eric Hansen, Rajat Panwar, and Richard Vlosky
    Impact of Globalization on Forest Users: Trends and Opportunities, Benjamin Cashore, Erica Pohnan, and Michael W. Stone

    Changes in Product Categories and Individual Markets
    Markets and Market Forces for Lumber, Matt Bumgardner, Steven Johnson, William Luppold, Frances Maplesden, and Ed Pepke
    Markets and Market Forces for Secondary Wood Products, Urs Buehlmann and Al Schuler
    Markets and Market Forces for Pulp and Paper Products, Lauri Hetemäki, Riitta Hänninen, and Alexander Moiseyev
    New Products and Product Categories in the Global Forest Sector, Zhiyong Cai, Alan W. Rudie, Nicole M. Stark, Ronald C. Sabo, and Sally A. Ralph
    Chinese Era, Xiaozhi (Jeff) Cao, Xiufang Sun, and Ivan Eastin
    Russia in the Global Forest Sector, Eduard L. Akim, Nikolay Burdin, Anatoly Petrov, and Leonid Akim

    The Forest Sector within an Environmental Paradigm
    Environmental Activism and the Global Forest Sector, Jacki Schirmer
    Implementing Sustainability in the Global Forest Sector: Toward the Convergence of Public and Private Forest Policy, Timothy M. Smith, Sergio A. Molina Murillo, and Britta M. Anderson
    Green Building and the Global Forest Sector, Chris Knowles and Arijit Sinha
    Assessment of Global Wood-Based Bioenergy, Francisco X. Aguilar, Michael A. Blazier, Janaki Alavalapati, and Pankaj Lal

    Capability Development and Strategic Imperatives for the Forest Sector
    Current and Future Role of Information Technology in the Global Forest Sector, Taraneh Sowlati
    Cross-Cultural Sales, Marketing, and Management Issues in the Global Forest Sector, Ernesto Wagner
    Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Forest Sector, David Cohen, Anne-Hélène Mathey, Jeffrey Biggs, and Mark Boyland
    Innovation in the Global Forest Sector, Scott Leavengood and Lyndall Bull
    Strategic Orientations in the Global Forest Sector, Anne Toppinen, Minli Wan, and Katja Lähtinen

    Bringing It All Together
    What Now, Mr. Jones? Some Thoughts about Today’s Forest Sector and Tomorrow’s Great Leap Forward, Robert A. Kozak


    Eric Hansen, Rajat Panwar, Richard Vlosky

    "This book is the cornerstone upon which the field of business management in the forest sector is coming of age. Together, the highly regarded contributors to this effort bring the analysis of the forest sector at a new scale, with a depth of field unseen yet. The book not only addresses innovation in the Global Forest Sector, the book is an innovation of its own. It does so by addressing the single most important concept to the industry for now and years to come: Change. This book will become a reference for diffusing advances in knowledge within our field, but it also sets the foundations for original knowledge production with crucial questions about changes in the industry, in the competition, in products, in markets and marketing, in business practices, and in the environment. It is equally valuable to managers and practitioners, which is an accomplishment to be praised".
    —François Robichaud, Ph.D., Research Leader, Business Analysis and Forest Products Marketing, FPInnovations

    This book comes out timely in charting out the changes in forest industry's global context, its relation with the environment, and new products and markets. It will help readers to envision the broader strategic importance of forest industry, and hopefully reinforces the concept of sustainable forest sector development worldwide.
    —Jukka Tissari, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    "While reviewing the book, I was struck with how perfectly timed it is to what the global forest products market is experiencing today. I can easily see leaders in our industry recommending most of their top management teams to read the book and get together to discuss the thoughts and trends described and explained throughout the text. Many of the younger executives and managers in our industry do not have a grasp of the historical side of how we got to where we are today. This book lays out that history and how political, social and economic situations and trends have pushed and pulled us to where we now are. Without an understanding of our history as an industry, it will be difficult for our future generation leaders to work together to innovate and bring us to that next level of excellence. To know that future students entering our industry will have the exposure to this book and its insights is exciting to see. I am looking forward to seeing this next generation of forest products professionals entering the workforce with this text as a backbone of their educational experience."
    —David Stallcop, Global Marketing Manager, Vanport International, Inc.

    "This book brings together information on a wide range of topics that heretofore has been available only to the most diligent scholar – one willing to sift through substantial, multiple repositories of scientific literature and relevant statistics, and to then organize information gleaned into a meaningful context. In the preparation of this volume, leading scientists from around the world whose work relates to the forest sector have combined their knowledge and expertise to create an extremely valuable reference for anyone seeking to better understand the workings and complexity of the global forest enterprise and related issues.

    From those new to forest sector businesses to seasoned executives, this book is likely to bring new knowledge and insights. Similarly, anyone associated with shaping or applying public policy will find a treasure trove of critical information that will help to inform decision-making and actions. Perhaps the greatest value is as an authoritative, comprehensive resource for academic leaders, students, and scientists at all levels. Well organized, written, and referenced, this volume is an essential addition to libraries, offices, conference rooms, and research laboratories worldwide."
    —Jim Bowyer, Director, Responsible Materials Program, Dovetail Partners, Inc., and Professor emeritus, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota