1st Edition

The Global Foundations of Public Relations Humanism, China and the West

    228 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Global Foundations of Public Relations: Humanism, China and the West explores the growing humanistic turn in public relations processes and proposes that this has compelling parallels in the roots of Chinese philosophies.

    As the leader of growth and power across the Pacific Rim, public relations in China is not developing in isolation from the West, but via mutual accommodations and culturally complex interactions. By collecting cases and reflections on PR practices from both Chinese and Western scholars, the chapters propose that Chinese philosophies are playing a role in the development of modern Chinese PR practices, and – focusing less on the obvious differences and contracts – seek to highlight their spiritual, philosophical and political confluences. The conclusions drawn enhance and advance our understanding of public relations globally.

    This innovative work is of interest to educators and researchers in the fields of public relations, strategic communications, and public diplomacy.

    Robert E. Brown, Burton St. John III, Jenny Zhengye Hou

    Chapter 1. The Western Rationales for Public Relations: The Engineering of Human Interactions
    Burton St. John III

    Chapter 2. Ancient Chinese Roots 
    Mingsheng Li

    Chapter 3. History and Legitimacy in the West: Public Relations Aesthetics from Hippocrates to Luis Buñuel
    Jordi Xifra and Maurici Jiménez

    Chapter 4. The trajectory of practices and values of public relations in China: The ascent of a humanistic turn within Chinese public relations
    Jenny Zhengye Hou

    Chapter  5.  Turning to Humanism: Merchants, Guilds and Managed Public Communication in Medieval Europe and Middle Period China
    Simon Moore

    Chapter 6. Toward a New Dawn of Public Relations: With Charity Toward All
    Donn James Tilson

    Chapter 7. Crisis Communication in China  
    Joanne Chen Lyu and Peiyi Huang 

    Chapter 8. Crisis Communication and Humanism in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities
    Amiso George

    Chapter 9. Public Relations and the Performance of Everything
    Johanna Fawkes

    Chapter 10. Humanistic Turn: A New Home for Public Diplomacy?
    Efe Sevin

    Chapter 11. A Humanistic Turn of Place Branding in Public Relations: From Marketing to Social Science and Sustainability Perspective
    Chung-Shing Chan

    Chapter 12. A New Model of Humanistic PR: The Social Business
    A Conversation with Robin Low


    Robert E. Brown is Professor Emeritus at Salem State University, USA, and a member of the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College.

    Burton St. John III is Professor of Public Relations at the University of Colorado-Boulder, USA.

    Jenny Zhengye Hou is Chief Investigator of Strategic Communication and Public Relations at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy.