1st Edition

The Health Care Setting As A Context for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse A Special Issue of children's Health Care

Edited By Keith L. Kaufman Copyright 1999

    This special issue was designed to explore the role of health care professionals in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of child maltreatment. The initial five articles were solicited to enhance our understanding of various forms of child maltreatment as well as approaches designed to effectively respond to this difficult problem. The final manuscripts in this issue represent a theoretical and empirical perspective on child maltreatment.

    Medical settings represent a fertile arena for prevention as well as intervention initiatives. Future research should further support clinical strategies via program evaluation and outcome studies, and be aimed at enhancing our knowledge of the field and developing more comprehensive models to guide our efforts. It is hoped that this issue will stimulate research in this area and provide additional support for clinical interventions in the field.

    Volume 28, Number 2, 1999 Contents: K.L. Kaufman, Introduction to the Special Issue. C.F. Johnson, Medical Evaluation in Child Abuse. D. Drotar, Child Neglect in the Family Context: Challenges and Opportunities for Management in Pediatric Settings. C.C. Swenson, E.G. Spratt, Identification and Treatment of Child Physical Abuse Through Medical and Mental Health Collaborations. A. Diaz, N. Manigat, The Health Care Provider's Role in the Disclosure of Sexual Abuse: The Medical Interview as the Gateway to Disclosure. S.A. Wurtele, Preventing Child Maltreatment: Multiple Windows of Opportunity in the Health Care System. E.E. Gilles, Integrating a Neurobiological Systems Approach Into Child Neglect and Abuse: Theory and Practice. J.M. Attala, S.M. Summers, A Comparative Study of Health, Developmental, and Behavioral Factors in Preschool Children on Battered and Nonbattered Women.


    Keith L. Kaufman