594 Pages
    by Routledge

    594 Pages
    by Routledge

    This resource is a much-needed support to the few textbooks in the field and offers an excellent introduction and overview to the established principles and new thinking in cultural heritage management .

    Leading experts in the field from Europe, North America and Australia, bring together recent and innovative works in the field. With geographically and thematically diverse case studies, they examine the theoretical framework for heritage resource management.

    Setting significant new thinking within the framework of more established views and ideas on heritage management, this reader re-publishes texts of the past decade with an overview of earlier literature and essays that fill the gaps in between, providing students of all stages with a clear picture of new and older literature.

    A helpful introduction sets out key issues and debates, and individual chapter introductions and reading lists give a background collection of key works that offer ideas for the development of thought and study.

    With good coverage of major issues and solutions in Britain, the USA and Australia, The Heritage Reader will appeal to students internationally across the English-speaking world, and will stand proud as a key guide to the study and practice of this major archaeological sector.


    Graham Fairclough is currently Head of the Characterisation Team at English Heritage.

    Rodney Harrison is a lecturer in heritage studies at The Open University and an adjunct research fellow at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University.

    John H Jameson Jnr. is a senior archaeologist and Archaeology Education and Interpretation Program Manager with the U.S. National Park Service's Southeast Archaeological Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

    John Schofield works for English Heritage in the Characterisation Team and is also Head of Military Programmes

    The Heritage Reader has some fine stuff which students (and heritage professionals) really do need to read and the editors have done us a service by creating a very useful resource.’ – Australian Historical Archaeology

    'The Heritage Reader opens with a powerful theoretical analysis that locates cultural heritage management in its historical trajectory and social and cultural contexts in the 21st century: diasporic and transnational communities, mass mobility, and cybercohesion. ... appropriately illustrated, referenced, and indexed.'CHOICE January, Vol. 46

    'All in all, this is an excellent collection, containing statements by many of the leading Anglophone figures in the field ... It is thoughtfully arranged, the positions of the authors in relation to their topic are clearly spelled out with no hint of a spurious ‘objectivity’, and there is enough diversity of approach to fuel many a seminar discussion among students and their tutors alike. I recommend it wholeheartedly.'Dr John Carman, University of  Birmingham, UK