The Historiography of Economics : British and American Economic Essays, Volume III book cover
1st Edition

The Historiography of Economics
British and American Economic Essays, Volume III

ISBN 9781138243767
Published December 8, 2016 by Routledge
544 Pages

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Book Description

This is the third and final volume of collected papers of A.W. Bob Coats. Coats began to collect material for this volume in the years following the publication of the second volume in 1993, but sadly died in 2007, before the work was completed.

The volume has now been completed under the editorship of Roger Backhouse and Bruce Caldwell. Along with his articles, the compilation of the volume also reflects Coats’ interest in and commitment to book reviews, a selection of which have been chosen for inclusion. The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography.

In addition to a preface by Backhouse and Caldwell, the volume also reproduces the obituary that was published in History of Political Economy, a memoir published in 1996, and an interview with Grant Fleming, published the previous year. Together, the introductory materials, articles and reviews serve as a fitting tribute to the body of work of Bob Coats.

Table of Contents

Introduction ‘A. W. (Bob) Coats, 1924-2007’ (with B. Caldwell, C. D. W. Goodwin and M. Rutherford), History of Political Economy 40(3):421-446 Part I: Articles 1. "Memoirs of an Economist Watcher," Journal of the History of Economic Thought 2. Interview with Grant Fleming History of Economic Ideas 3. "T.W. Hutchison as an Historian of Economics," in Warren Samuels, ed., The Craft of the Historian of Economics 4. "Half a Century of Methodological Controversy in Economics: as Reflected in the Writings of T.W. Hutchison", in A. W. Coats, ed., Methodological Controversy in Economics: Historical Essays in Honor of T.W. Hutchison 5. "What Mirowski's History Leaves Out,", in Neil de Marchi ed., Non-Natural Social Science: Reflections on the Enterprise of More Heat than Light, History of Political Economy 6. "The Pillars of Economic Understanding: A New Magisterial History of Economic Thought?", Journal on the History of Economic Thought 7. "History of Political Economy: The AEA and the History of Economics (a review essay)," Bulletin of the History of Economics Society 8. "Explanations in History and Economics," Social Research 9. "Comments on Schabas: The Nature and Significance of the New Economic History ‘Parmenides and the Cliometricians’,"' in Daniel Little, ed. On the Reliability of Economic Models 10. "What Is American about American Economics?", in Malcolm Rutherford, ed. The Economic Mind in America: Essays in the History of American Economics 11. "Research Priorities in the History of Economics," History of Political Economy 12. "The First Decade of HOPE (1968-79)," History of Political Economy 13. "Economics, History and HOPE", Bulletin of the History of Economics Society 14. "Situational Determinism in Economics: The Implications of Lastis’s Argument for the Historian of Economics," British Journal of the Philosophy of Science 15. "Economics and Psychology: The Death and Resurrection of a Research Programme," in Spiro J. Latsis, ed. Method and Appraisal in Economics 16. "Economics and Psychology: A Resurrection Story," in Peter Earl, ed. Psychological Economics: Development, Tensions, Prospects 17. "Appraising Economic Theories," a review article on N. de Marchi and Mark Blaug, eds., Appraising Economic Theories: Studies in the Methodology of Rcsearch Programs, History of Economics Review 18. "The Influence of Veblen’s Methodology", Journal of Political Economy 19. "The Politics of Political Economists: Comment" 20. "Value Judgments in Economics," Yorkshire Bulletin of Economic and Social Research, "Methodology and Professionalism in Economics: A Subordinate Theme in Fritz Machlup's Writings," in Breadth and Depth in Economics: Fritz Malchlup – The Man and His Ideas 22. (with Stuart Thompstone) "Against ‘Against Convergence’", Cambridge Journal of Economics 23. "The Methodology of Economics: Some Recent Contributions" 24. "Economic Methodology: Theory, Practice and the Current State of Economics" 25. "Reflections on the Austrian-Institutionalism Symposium," in Warren Samuels, ed. Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 26. "Economics as a Profession," in David Greenaway, Michael Bleaney, and Ian Stewart, eds. Companion to Contemporary Economic Thought 27. "The Past, Present and Future of Economics," in Cosimo Perrotta and Vitantonio Gioia, eds., Where is Economics Going? Historical Viewpoints 28. "Fusfeld and Economic Methodology," in Nahid Aslanbeigui and Young Back Choi, eds., Borderlands of Economics: Essays in Honor of Daniel R. Fusfeld 29. "Roundtable: The Progress of Heterodox Economics," Journal of the History of Economic Thought 30. "Review Article: Mary O. Furner’s Advocacy and Objectvity: A Crisis in the Professionalization of American Social Science." 31. (co-author with Bruce Caldwell) "The Rhetoric of Economists: A Comment on McCloskey", Journal of Economic Literature 32. (co-author with Steven Pressman) "Further Comments on McCloskey's Argument", Eastern Economic Journal 33. "Economic Rhetoric: The Social Dimension," in Arjo Klamer, Donald N. McCloskey, and Robert M. Solow, eds., The Consequences of Economic Rhetoric Part II: Book Reviews 1. "Schumpeter, J.A. History of Economic Analysis," 2. "Rogin, Leo. The Meaning and Validity of Economic Theory: A Historical Approach," 3. "Lekachman, Robert. A History of Economic Ideas," 4. "Wilhite, Virgle Glenn. Founders of American Economic Thought and Policy," 5. "Dorfman, Joseph. The Economic Mind in American Civilization, Vols. IV and V: 1918-1933," 6. "Dorfman, Joseph. The Economic Mind in American Civilization," 7. "Mitchell, Wesley C. Types of Economic Theory, From Mercantilism to Institutionalism. Vol. 1. Joseph Dorfman, (ed.)," 8. "Eagly, Robert V. Events, Ideology and Economic Theory. The Determinants of Progress in the Development of Economic Analysis," 9. "Blaug, Mark. Economic Theory in Retrospect (Revised Edition.)," 10. "O'Brien, Denis P. J.R. McCulloch. A Study in Classical Economics," 11. "O'Brien, Denis P. (ed.). The Correspondence of Lord Overstone," 12. "O'Brien, Denis P. The Classical Economists," 13. "Eagly, Robert V. The Structure of Classical Economic Theory," 14. "Haskell, Thomas L. The Emergence of Professional Social Science: The American Social Science Association and the Nineteenth Century Crisis of Authority" 15. "Winch, Donald. Adam Smith's Politics. An Essay in Historiographical Revision," 16. "Oleson, Alexandra and Voss, John. (eds.). The Organization of Knowledge in Modern America 1860-1980," 17. "Caldwell, Bruce. Beyond Positivism. Economic Methodology in the Twentieth Century," 18. Skidelsky, Robert. John Maynard Keynes, Hopes Betrayed 1883-1920," 19. "Whitley, Richard. The Intellectual and Social Organisation of the Sciences. From knowledge to wisdom: a revolution in the aims and methods of science," 20. "Maxwell, Nicholas. From Knowledge to Wisdom: A Revolution in the Aims and Methods of Science" 21. "Parker, William N. (ed.). Economic History and the Modern Economist," 22. "Hutchison, Terence. Before Adam Smith. The Emergence of Political Economy, 1662-1776," 23. "De Marchi, Neil. (ed.). 24. "Backhouse, Roger. Economists and the Economy. The Evolution of Economic Ideas, 1600 to the Present Day" 25. "Furner, Mary O. and Supple, Barry. The State and Economic Knowledge: The American and British Experiences", 26. "Mirowski, Philip. More Heat than Light. Economics as Social Physics: Physics as Nature's Economics," 27. "Hausman, Daniel M. The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics," 28. "Klamer, Arjo, Colander, David. The Making of an Economist," 29. "Rosenberg, Alexander. Economics - Mathematical Politics or Science of Diminishing Returns?" 30. "Perlman, Mark and Charles R. McCann Jr. The Pillars of Economic Understanding: Ideas and Traditions" 31. "Wagener, Hans-Jürgen, ed. Economic Thought in Communist and Post-Communist Europe,"

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A.W. Bob Coats, who died in 2007, was formerly Head of the Department of Economic and Social History at the University of Nottingham, UK. Volume I of his collected papers was published in 1992, and Volume II in 1993.

Roger Backhouse is Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Bruce Caldwell is Director of the Centre for Political Economy, Duke University, USA.


"Bob Coats’s colleagues have already said goodbye and thank you to him in various obituaries, conference sessions, and biographical articles. But this concluding monument to his extraordinarily wide career is an occasion to do so again. By coincidence, the post that brought this volume to your reviewer also brought him a postcard from Bob’s wife (and collaborator) Sonia and his daughter Louise announcing ‘now volume 3 is out. Yippee!!’ There was always a slight fear that Bob would have already picked out his best work for the first two volumes and that the series would end on a disappointing diminuendo. Not so. Yippee is the word." - John Maloney, University of Exeter Business School, UK, The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought