1st Edition

The History of Education in Ghana From the Earliest Times to the Declaration of Independance

By C.K. Graham Copyright 1971

    Published in the year 1971, The History of Education in Ghana is a valuable contribution to the field of History.

    Chapter 1 Early Educational Effort 1600–1800; Chapter 2 Educational Expansion 1800–1850; Chapter 3 The Role of the Administrators, The Chiefs and the Missions; Chapter 4 First Attempts at Agricultural and Industrial Training; Chapter 5 Girls’ Education and Teacher Training Before 1850; Chapter 6 Some Chief Factors in Educational Expansion 1850–1900; Chapter 7 Government Official Policy in Educational Expansion, 1850–1900; Chapter 8 Agricultural, Industrial and Vernacular Training 1850–1900; Chapter 9 Girls’ Education and Teacher Training 1850–1900; Chapter 10 Higher Education; Chapter 11 Notes on Twentieth-Century Educational Developments; Chapter 12 Conclusion;


    C.K. Graham University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana