1st Edition

The History of Suicide in England, 1650–1850, Part II vol 6

    This two-part, eight-volume, reset edition draws together a range of sources from the early modern era through to the industrial age, to show the changes and continuities in responses to the social, political, legal and spiritual problems that self-murder posed.

    Part II: Legal, Medical, Literary and Miscellaneous Texts Anon., ‘Inquisition on one who Hanged Himself ’, Th e Coroner’s Guide (1756) Anon., Th e Durham Tragedy (1760) Charles Collignon, ‘Of Suicide’, Medicina Politica (1765) William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (1769) William Eden, ‘Of Suicide’, Principles of Penal Law (1771) Anon., Suicide, a Poem (1773) Anon., Suicide, an Elegy (1775) Anon., ‘Concerning the Laws and the Coroner’s Practice in Cases of Suicide’, Considerations on Some of the Laws Relating to the Office of a Coroner (1776) Thomas Warton, ‘The Suicide’, Poems (1777) [Herbert Croft ], Love and Madness (1780) Anon., ‘Th e Suicide’, Adventures of a Hackney Coach (1781) Anon., ‘A Letter to a Gentleman who had Attempted to Commit Suicide’, Literary Amusements (1782) Anon., Reuben, or Th e Suicide (1787) William Rowley, ‘On Suicide’, A Treatise on Female … Diseases (1788) Jane Timbury, ‘Th e Suicide’, Th e Philanthropic Rambler (1790) John Coates, An Answer to the Justification of Suicide (1792) Charles James, ‘Suicide Rejected’, Poems (1792) Charles Pigott, ‘Suicide’, A Political Dictionary (1795) Hannah More, Robert and Richard (1796) [ John Gorton], Tubal to Seba: Th e Negro Suicide (1797) [ Joseph James], Extraordinary Case of Suicide (1797) ‘Suicide’, Encyclopaedia Britannica (1797) Part III: Newspapers and Magazines, George Colman, ‘Th e Genius’, St. James’s Chronicle, 10–12 October 1761, Thomas Chatterton, ‘The Unfortunate Fathers’, Town and Country Magazine ( January 1770) John Wesley, Letter to the General Evening Post, 22–4 July 1790 Anonymous and Pseudonymous Letters and Extracts, Letter to the London Daily Advertiser, 21 June 1751, General Evening Post, 17–20 August 1751, ‘Of Suicide’, Read’s Weekly Journal, 14 October 1752 Letter to Gray’s Inn Journal, 24 March 1753 Advertisement, Gentleman’s Magazine, 25 ( January 1755) Connoisseur, 9 January 1755 Letter to the London Evening Post, 23–5 October 1755, ‘Some Observations on the Causes of Suicide’, Gentleman’s Magazine, 26 ( January 1756) Letter to the World, 9 September 1756 Letter to the World, 23 September 1756 210 ‘Reflections on Suicide’, London Magazine, 31 (March 1762) ‘A Letter to a Friend, on Suicide and Madness’, Gentleman’s Magazine, 32 (April 1762) ‘Reflections on Suicide’ (continued), London Magazine,(April 1762) ‘Thoughts on Self-Preservation, with Regard to Suicide’, Annual Register, 6 (1764) Letter to the Public Advertiser, 23 June 1764 Letter to the Public Advertiser, 29 June 1765 Letter to the Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser, 26 December 1765 ‘On Self-Murder’, Public Advertiser, 16 August 1768 Letter to the Town and Country Magazine, 2 (February 1770) Hoey’s Dublin Mercury, 10–13 August 1771 Letter to Hoey’s Dublin Mercury, 15–17 August 1771 ‘An Essay on Suicide Committed by those in whom the Least Symptoms of Lunacy Never Appeared’, Westminster Journal, December 1771 ‘Thoughts on Suicide’, Town and Country Magazine, ( January 1772)‘Essay on Suicide’, Westminster Journal, 4, 11, 25 January / PART Contents