1st Edition

The Horn Of Africa

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ISBN 9781857281231
Published June 30, 1994 by Routledge

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Book Description

The Horn of Africa has in recent years sadly become known to the rest of the world principally as a region of war, poverty and famine - as the harrowing scenes reported in the mass media confirm only too vividly. This book draws together major contributions from some of the world's leading experts in an analysis of the political and economic dimensions of the region as a whole. Advocates and opponents discuss the central theme: the actual and potential break-up of these formerly unitary states.; In less than five years, the three major countries of this strategically important area - Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia - have undergone fundamental political change. In Sudan, a coup brought an Islamic fundamentalist regime to power, strengthening calls from the non- Arab southern Sudanese for independence. The recent independence of Eritrea has effectively blocked Ethiopian access to the sea and has encouraged further secessionist movements throughout the former Ethiopian empire. The formation of the independent republic of Somaliland followed the military defeat of President Siad Barre; US-led military intervention now seems likely to prolong the civil war in the south and delay the formation of a national government.; Students and researchers of geopolitics, international relations, and African and Arab/Muslim affairs will welcome this book as an authoritative contemporary account of recent and current developments in this fascinating and important region.