1st Edition

The Hygiene of Mind

ISBN 9780429287404
Published October 1, 2019 by Routledge
302 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1906. How the mind of man can be strengthened, widened, and made a more efficient instrument through the application of modern scientific and physiological knowledge is a question of intense interest. It is now a universally accepted fact that the body is capable of improvement by the application of hygienic rules, and that thereby the life of man and his happiness are bettered. It is also proved by physiology that mental action is absolutely co-related with brain action, and it therefore does not admit of doubt that the mind may also be bettered through brain and bodily hygiene. This book includes chapters on the mind machinery in the brian; how the brain mechanism works in regard to mind; and te mental hygiene of bodily disease.

Table of Contents

1. The Hygiene of Mind.  2. The Mind Machinery in the Brain.  3. How the Brain Mechanism WOrks in Regard to Mind.  4. General Principles, Essentials, and Ideals of Mental Hygiene.  5. Heredity, Temperament, and Social Instincts.  6. Certain Important Considerations Relating to Mind, Morals, and Will, that have a Direct Connection with a Hygiene of Mind.  7. The Muscular Expression of the Emotions. The Hygiene of the Emotions.  8. The Mental Hygiene of Bodily Disease.  9. The Hygiene of Manners, Play, Work, and Fatigue.  10. Childhood: From Birth to 7. The Order of Development of Brain and Faculty. The Hygiene and the Special Mental Risks of this Period.  11. Boyood and Girlhood. Between 7 and 15.  12. Adolescence. Between 15 and 25.  13. Adolescence (continued). Hygienic Facts, Preventive Measures and Management of Instincts.  14. Manhood and Womanhood. 25 to 55.  15. Decadent Period, from 55 to the End of Life.  16. Special Sex Questions.  17. Mental Hygiene of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Brain Stimulants and Sedatives.  18. Counteractive Effects of Mental Hygiene on the Mental Tendency to Degeneration in our Modern and City Life.  19. Hygienic Knowledge and Physiological Charity.

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Sir Thomas Smith Clouston