1st Edition

The Imperatives of Progressive Islam

By Adis Duderija Copyright 2017
    ISBN 9781138364110
    206 Pages
    Published August 6, 2018 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138218017
    224 Pages
    Published February 9, 2017 by Routledge

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    With the proliferation of transnational Muslim networks over the last two decades, the religious authority of traditionally educated Muslim scholars, the uluma, has come under increasing scrutiny and disruption. These networks have provided a public space for multiple perspectives on Islam to be voiced, allowing "progressive" Islamic worldviews to flourish alongside more (neo)traditional outlooks.

    This book brings together the scholarship of leading progressive Muslim scholars, incorporating issues pertaining to politics, jurisprudence, ethics, theology, epistemology, gender and hermeneutics in the Islamic tradition. It provides a comprehensive discussion of the normative imperatives behind a progressive Muslim thought, as well as outlining its various values and aims.

    Presenting this emerging and distinctive school of Islamic thought in an engaging and scholarly manner, this is essential reading for any academic interested in contemporary religious thought and the development of modern Islam.

    Foreword by Ebrahim Moosa


    1 The Poiesis/Creativity Imperative

    2 The Epistemological Imperative

    3 The Imperative of Ethics of Pluralism

    4 The Imperative of Islamic Liberation Theology

    5 The Search for the Ethical Imperative in Islamic Jurisprudence/Law

    6 The Gender-Justice Imperative

    7 The Imperative of non-Patriarchal Islamic hermeneutics

    8 The Human Rights Imperative



    Adis Duderija is Lecturer, Study of Islam and Society, Griffith University, Australia. His research focuses on Islamic, interfaith and gender issues.

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