The International Development of Social Work Education : The Vietnam Experience book cover
1st Edition

The International Development of Social Work Education
The Vietnam Experience

ISBN 9780815387268
Published May 14, 2019 by Routledge
160 Pages

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Book Description

A robust infrastructure for education and training is vital for the development of an emerging social work education in developing countries. This book fills a gap in the existing literature by providing analysis of international practice methods which can be used by developing countries to develop their own professional and educational infrastructures.

The authors’ experience of over eight years in Vietnam in enhancing social work education has yielded important information about the contexts, approaches, and lessons learned when disseminating educational systems and content in non-Western countries. Covering improvements to faculty expertise, university leadership, curriculum, and the use of technology with careful attention to cultural contexts, the chapters describe a model of knowledge transfer which can be generalized to other countries and other fields with emerging professions.

International Development of Social Work Education should be considered required reading for all social work academics, students and professionals as well as those working in social and community development.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Background and Foundations; Chapter 1. The Enhancement of Social Work in Vietnam and its Relevance to Developing Countries; 1.1 Background for the Book; 1.2 Overall Purpose and Target Audience; Chapter 2. Vietnam and Comparative Social Work Education in Southeast Asia; 2.1 History of Social Work Services in Vietnam; 2.2 Social Work Education in Vietnam; 2.3 Comparative Social Work Education Systems in Southeast Asia; 2.4 Conclusions - What the Comparative Study of Social Work and Social Work Education Tells Us; Chapter 3. International Collaboration and Knowledge Dissemination in Social Work – Theory, Concepts, and Applications; 3.1 Introduction and Background; 3.2 The Role of International Collaboration in Developing Social Work in Vietnam; 3.3 The SWEEP Model; 3.4 Underlying Theories/Mechanisms That Influence Successful Collaborations; 3.5 Conclusions; Part 2. Implementation of the Social Work Education Enhancement Project; Chapter 4. Assessing Needs to Improve Social Work Education; 4.1 Higher Education in Vietnam; 4.2 Pre-SWEEP Context; 4.3 Method of Needs Assessment; 4.4 Findings of Needs Assessment; 4.5 Conclusions; Chapter 5. The Development of Social Work Educational Leadership in The International Context; 5.1 Introduction and Background; 5.2 Planning and Assessment of Needs with Leaders; 5.3 SWEEP Leadership Development Strategies; 5.4 Effective Elements of Leadership Development; 5.5 Conclusions – Leadership Development in the International Context; Chapter 6. Faculty Development in the International Context; 6.1 Needs of Faculty in an Emerging Profession; 6.2 Implementing the Faculty Fellows Academies; 6.3 Evaluation of the Faculty Fellows Academies; 6.4 Academy Graduates as Trainers; 6.5 Conclusions – Faculty Development in the International Context; Chapter 7. Curriculum Development and Adoption of Social Work Competencies in Vietnam; 7.1 Cultural Contexts for Curriculum Development in Vietnam; 7.2 Rationale for Competency-Based Education in Vietnam; 7.3 Competency-Based Education as an Innovation in Teaching and Learning; 7.4 The SWEEP Curriculum Development Project: Application of CBE to Vietnam within Their Cultural and Social Contexts; 7.5 Conclusions: Competency-based Education in the International Context; Chapter 8. Field Internship Training in an Emerging Social Work Profession; 8.1 Comparative Field Internship Models and Standards; 8.2 Collaborative Research on Vietnam’s Field Models; 8.3 Vietnam’s Current Field Practicum Model; 8.4 Conclusions; Chapter 9. Using Technology to Enhance International Social Work Education; 9.1 The Role of Technology in the SWEEP Project; 9.2 Technology for Project Management; 9.3 Technology for Teaching and Scholarship; 9.4 Conclusions ; Part 3. Lessons Learned and Conclusions; Chapter 10. The Adoption and Adaptation of Social Work Education Models – The Vietnam Perspective; 10.1 Introduction – A Follow Up Study of the Impact of SWEEP; 10.2 Background and Methods of Focus Group; 10.3 Findings of Focus Group – Influences of SWEEP and Cultural Fit; 10.4 Discussion; Chapter 11. Conclusions – The Future of Social Work in Vietnam and Lessons for Emerging Social Work Education Internationally; 11.1 Disseminating Social Work Education Practices – A High Impact Model; 11.2 Best Practices; 11.3 Practical Lessons Learned; 11.4 Implications for Improving International Social Work Education; Index

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