8th Edition

The International Directory of Government 2011

Edited By Europa Publications Copyright 2012
    766 Pages
    by Routledge

    The International Directory of Government is the definitive guide to people in power in every part of the world. All the top decision-makers are included in this one-volume publication, which brings together government institutions, agencies and personnel from the largest nations (China, India, Russia, etc.) to the smallest overseas dependencies (Guadeloupe, Guernsey and Christmas Island, etc).

    Institutional entries contain the names and titles of principal officials, postal, email and internet addresses, telephone, and fax numbers and other relevant details.

    New for 2011
    The new 8th edition reflects changes to government ministers and ministries following twelve months of dramatic political events around the world, including:

    • turbulent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Syria
    • historic elections in Myanmar, Ireland, Haiti and Canada
    • mid-term elections in the USA
    • complex political developments in Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Cote d'Ivoire. 

    Users will benefit from:

    • details of important provincial administrations, including contact details for all oblasts, okrugs and republics in the Russian Federation
    • information on all US state governers and legislatures
    • coverage of state-related agencies and other institutions arranged by subject heading
    • government ministers and ministries
      • new sections added to cover CuraƧao and St Maarten, plus three new Special Municipalities, following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles.

      For a number of countries, information has also been included about provincial government where considerable power is devolved to government at that level.

      'This focused Directory is well presented, easy to follow and full of useful information for governments and for those wishing to do business with governments.'- Australian Library Review

      '... a well produced, attractive work. Those primarily interested in easily accessible directory data on governments should consider its acquisition.' - American Reference Book Annual