1st Edition

The Italian Communist Party The Crisis of the Popular Front Strategy

By Grant Amyot Copyright 1981

    First published in 1981 The Italian Communist Party looks at the debate within the party and how its strategy was forged. It considers the development of Eurocommunism, the rise and fall of the Ingrao Left and many other topics related to the formulation of the PCI. Based on original research by the author, it explores how key issues were debated and resolved in various representative provincial organisations of the party. It shows how changing ideals affected policy and the party’s organisation and how different attitudes emerged from the diverse social and economic conditions in the different parts of Italy.

    This book is an important historical document for scholars and researchers of Italian communism, European communism and political studies.

    Preface 1. The Party and the Failure of the Revolution in the West 2. The Origins of Eurocommunism: The Party’s Strategy from 1926 to 1956 3. Left-wing Eurocommunism: The Ingrao Left 4. The Social Roots of Leftism and Rightism in the Party 5. The Dominance of the Right in Naples 6. The Party in Perugia 7. Left-wing Ascendency in Industrial Turin 8. Communism in ‘Red’ Modena 9. Bari: Leftism in a Southern Context 10. The Ingrao Left and its Defeat 11. The 1968 Movement and the Manifesto Affair 12. The Historic Compromise: Further Development of Eurocommunism 13. The Party in the ‘Governmental Area’: Crisis of the Historic Compromise Conclusion Bibliography Appendix: Key to Interviews Index


    Grant Amyot