1st Edition

The Japan Weekly Mail, Pt. 7: 1900–1903 (12-vol. ES set)

    2700 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published by Edition Synapse, Japan and distributed by Routledge outside of Japan.


    This is the seventh part of the facsimile reprint series of the leading English newspaper published in Yokohama throughout the Meiji era. It represents a complete collection, provided by the Yokohama Archives of History and other institutions. Playing an important role for Meiji Japan’s exchange with western society, the journal contains articles on politics, commerce, and economics, and also on the cultural activities of early Japanologists and the Asiatic Society of Japan. Contributors include George Aston, Ernest Satow, Basil Hall Chamberlain, F. V. Dickins, Henry Dyer, William Anderson, Lafcadio Hearn and many others. It is an indispensable primary source for any scholar of Modern Japan.

    cONTENTS (Sample articles from the 1900 issues)

    • Politics & International Relation

    Disturbed in China

    China, Manchuria and Korea

    Japan's Failure in Formosa

    Japanese Opinion on the South African War

    Japanese Public Opinion on the Chinese Crisis

    Japanese Settlement in China

    Marquis Ito on the Transvaal War

    Mr. Hayashi on Korea

    Russo-Korea Complication

    Evacuation of Peking

    Great Britain's Policy in China

    Russian Acquisition at Masampho

    Russia and England

    Atrocities in China

    Baron Shibusawa on Korea

    Fight of the 13th and 14th July at Tientsin

    Sir Ernest Satow

    Shansi Massacres

    Missionary in the China Crisis

    • Overseas News

    Indian Famine

    Korea and the Postal Union

    Foreign Interests in Korea

    Hawaiian Affairs

    British Women's Patriotic Association

    America in the Philippines

    Emigrants to Formosa

    In White Man's Asia

    Count Tolstoi on China

    Japanese Ladies in Peking

    Prince Twan

    Russia and Chinese Railways

    Saghalien Fishery Question

    South Africa

    • Home News

    Land Ownership by Foreigners

    Anti-Foreign Spirit in Japan

    Age of Japanese Officials

    Ashio Mine Troubles

    Colonization of Hokkaido

    Gold in Hokkaido

    Marine Products of Hokkaido

    Count Okuma on the New Party

    Foreigner charged with Assaulting a Japanese


    Industries in Hokkaido

    Japanese Servants

    Salvation Army and the Yoshiwara

    Cemeteries owned by Christians

    • Business, Economics, Trade, and Transport

    American Enterprise in Echigo

    Cotton Spinners in Japan

    Count Inouye on Economic Questions

    Foreigners in Japanese Employ

    Foreigners and Shares in Japanese Railways

    Nationalization of the Railways

    Silk Trade Dispute

    Subsidies to Steamship Companies

    Trans-pacific Steamship Charges

    Foreign Trade of Japan

    Japanese Steamship Services in the Far East

    Colonization Bank

    East China Railway

    Transport Coolies

    Latest Shipping

    Latest Commercial

    • Finance and Banking

    China-Japan Bank

    Foreigners and Business Tax

    One Yen Notes

    Tax on Bicycles

    Formosa Tea Tax

    Bank of Japan

    • Education, Culture, Science, Health and Religion

    Christian Educational Work in Japan

    Electricity and Tuberculosis


    Imperial University's Histographical Work

    Koizumi Yakumo - Lafcadio Hearn

    Kusunoki Masashige

    Roma-ji Question

    Western Ideas about Japan

    Spirits of Telepathy

    Ecclesiastical Reform in Japan

    Jinzo Shinju

    Meiji Ongaku-kwai Concert

    Sendai Speeches on Education



    College of Science

    Seinen Domei kai

    Opening Ceremony of Okayama College

    • Sports, Leisure and Tourism

    A Hotel in Kyoto

    A New Hotel at Kowakudani

    Social Entertainments in Japan

    Asama-yama and Kusatsu Shiranesan

    Interport Football Match

    Kirin Beer Bicycle Cup

    University Sports

    • Book Reviews


    Japan Commercial and Industrial Directory

    Life and Letters of Edward Bickersteth

    Mrs. Bishop (Isabelle Bird)'s Yangtze Region

    Things Chinese

    Miss Scidmore's New Book

    Shimbi Daikwan

    Verbeck on Japan

    • Meetings and Conferences

    American Board's Japan Mission

    Asiatic Society of Japan

    Grand Hotel, Ltd.

    Japan Brewery Co. Ltd.

    Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

    Yokohama Foreign Chamber of Commerce

    Yokohama Literary Society

    Conference of Missionaries

    Ferris Seminary

    Nippon Yusen Kaisha

    • Law Reports

    Kobe Water-works Case

    Drowning Fatality in Yokohama Harbour

    Nagasaki Will Case

    Trial of Iba Sotaro