1st Edition

The Jews Of Iraq 3000 Years Of History And Culture

By Nissim Rejwan Copyright 1986
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book provides an account of the Jews of Iraq, their history, culture and society. It covers the Iraqi Jewish history in three parts: from the Assyrian Captivity to the Arab Conquest (731 bc–ad 641); the encounter with Islam (641–1850); and the last hundred years (1850–1951).

    Preface -- From the Assyrian Captivity to the Arab Conquest (731 bc–ad 641) -- Roots -- The Lure of Exile -- The Scribes and the Birth of the Synagogue -- The Way They Lived -- Greeks, Romans, Seleucids, Sassanians -- Family, Home and Education -- A Neat Division of Labour: Exilarch and Gaon -- From Mishnah to Talmud -- The Talmud in Action -- Babylonia Assumes Leadership -- The Encounter with Islam (641–1850) -- A Deep Sigh of Relief -- Islam and the Jews: Theory and Practice -- Baghdad’s Jewish Population -- Messianism and Karaism: Rabbinic Judaism Challenged -- Saadia’s Legacy -- The Last of the Geonim -- The Dark Ages of Iraqi Jewry -- Lasting Imprint -- 100 Years of Turmoil -- Recovery and Reassertion -- A Century of Radical Change (1850–1951) -- The Road to Equality -- Exilarch to Nasi to Hakham Bashi -- The Impact of Modern Education -- World War I -- Rumours of a Brave New World -- Mandate and Independence -- The Farhud and its Consequences -- Youth in Revolt -- The Politics of Extortion -- The Exodus -- Appendix


    Nissim Rejwan