The Language, Ethnicity and Race Reader  book cover
1st Edition

The Language, Ethnicity and Race Reader

ISBN 9780415276023
Published August 28, 2003 by Routledge
368 Pages

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Book Description

Language, Race and Ethnicity: A Reader an essential resource for all students of sociolinguistics, ethnic studies, linguistics, anthropology and intercultural studies. This accessible Reader collects in one volume the key readings on language, ethnicity and race.
Roxy Harris and Ben Rampton introduce students to the current debates surrounding issues of language and diversity, colonialism and migration, identity and appropriation. Invaluable editorial material guides the student through different sections of the book, which look at how language is used in different ethnic groups and how such uses are discussed and reported. Using linguistic and cultural analysis, the Reader explores changing ideas of ethnicity and race around the world, and the ways in which these ideas shape human communication.

Table of Contents

General Introduction Part 1: Colonialism, Imperialism and Global Process  1. (1922) The Origin of Speech Otto Jespersen  2. (1921) Language, Race and Culture Edward Sapir  3. (2001) Language and Race Bill Ashcroft  4. (1989): Language Mervyn Alleyne  5. (1986) The Language of African Literature Ngugi wa Thiong'o  6. (1997) The World Bank, the Language Question and the Future of African Education  Alamin Mazrui  7. (1990) Language Varieties and Standard Language Randolph Quirk  8. (1990) Displacing the Native Speaker: Expertise, Affiliation and Inheritance Ben Rampton  Part 2: Nation-states and Minorities  9. (1972) The Impact of Nationalism on Language Planning Joshua Fishman  10. (1995) Banal Nationalism Michael Billig  11. (1988) The Language Issue Ray Honeyford  12. (1997) Suite for Ebony and Phonics John Rickford  13. (1998) Singapore's 'Speak Mandarin' Campaign: Language Ideological Debates and the Imagining of a Nation Wendy Bockhorst-Heng  14. (1992) Language, Youth and the Destabilisation of Ethnicity Roger Hewitt  15. (1995) Junk Spanish, Covert Racism, and the (leaky) Boundary between Public and Private Spheres Jane Hill  16. (1995) Outlaw Language: Creating Alternative Public Spheres in Basque free radio Jacqueline Urla 17. (1999) Alternative Ideologies of la francophonie Monica Heller  Part 3: Language, Discourse and Ethnic Style  18. (c. 1936) An American Indian Model of the Universe Benjamin Lee Whorf  19. (1972) Participant Structures and Communicative Competence: Warm Springs Children in Community and Classroom Susan U. Philips  20. (1979) Cross-Cultural Communication John Gumperz  21.  (1979) Social Contexts for Ethnic Borders and School Failure Ray McDermott and Kenneth Gospodinoff  22. (1972) Bilingual Codeswitching John Gumperz & Eduardo Hernández-Chavez  23. (2003) Abstract Inquiry and the Patrolling of Black/White Borders through Linguistic Stylisation John T. Clark  24. (1999) Yorkville Crossing: White Teens, Hip Hop and African American English Cecilia Cutler  25. (1995) X Amount of Sat Siri Akal!: Apache Indian, Reggae Music and Intermezzo Culture Les Back.  Index

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