1st Edition

The Lean Kōhai Meditations for Strategy, Practice, and Balance in Living Change Management

By Don Arp Copyright 2024
    136 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    136 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    The book consists of 76 statements on various issues and practices encountered by process improvement/operational excellence (PI-OpEx) practitioners, managers, and leaders. Many of the issues are also encountered by those outside of PI-OpEx as they are leadership-focused. There is also an instructions page encouraging readers to write and journal in the book. The key benefits of the book fuel the unending learning journey of PI-OpEx practitioners and leaders.

    They face issues regarding practice, methods, leadership, management, and purpose -- These reflections allow them to either tackle the issue upfront and be prepared or seek a reflection out of the book to develop an approach to an issue encountered, individually or as a team. For example, the practitioner may have a problematic team member, and using a reflection from the book and having the group discuss it may resolve the issue. Or, the practitioner can read the reflection and use their response to develop a strategy for handling the team member.

    Essentially, this book provides readings that could form the basis of daily meditation, consulted for perspective when a specific issue arises, or both. It seeks to instill a mindset of emotional intelligence that can then fuel the pursuit of meaningful, lasting change.

    1.           Title

    Tool: Your Library

    2.           Purpose

    3.           Pursuit

    4.           Opportunity

    5.           Self-Importance

    Tool: Quote Archive

    6.           Perspective

    7.           Role

    8.           Duty

    9.           Perception

    10.        Pretense

    11.        Work

    12.        Obstacle

    Tool: Know Your Path

    13.        Achievement

    14.        Reward

    15.        Humility

    16.        Versatility

    Tool: Pocket Cards

    17.        Diplomacy

    18.        Flexibility

    19.        Agility

    20.        Nurture

    21.        Intentionality

    Tool: Impact Matrix

    22.        Hypotheticals

    23.        Progress

    24.        Scope

    Tool: Envision Your Customer

    25.        Resurrect

    26.        Increments

    27.        Value

    28.        Dissent

    Tool: Grief and Change

    29.        Simplicity

    30.        Weaponization

    31.        Favoritism

    32.        Drive

    33.        Resources

    Tool: Force Fields

    34.        Conservation

    35.        Success

    36.        Unity

    Tool: Change is a Team Sport

    37.        Strength

    38.        Acceptance

    39.        Elevation

    40.        Impact

    41.        Role

    Tool: Visualize Everything

    42.        Enmity

    43.        Control

    44.        Fault

    45.        Manipulation

    46.        Conceit

    47.        Substance

    48.        Gossip

    49.        Arrogance

    Tool: Perception is Your Reality

    50.        Waves

    51.        Braggadocio

    52.        Ramifications

    53.        Experience

    54.        Learning

    55.        Coaching

    Tool: PIN Feedback

    56.        Introspection

    57.        Growth

    58.        Power

    59.        Ownership

    60.        Stewardship

    Tool: The Right Fit

    61.        Journey

    62.        Readiness

    Tool: “Firefighting” – Rapid Response Change

    63.        Character

    64.        Ripples

    65.        Questioning

    66.        Evolution

    67.        People

    68.        Action

    69.        Honesty

    70.        Protection

    71.        Team

    72.        Practice

    Tool: Change Perspective

    73.        Accessibility

    74.        Commands

    75.        Effort

    76.        Advancement


    Don Arp, Jr., Ph.D., is currently the executive director of the Nebraska Brand Committee for the state of Nebraska. He is a writer, researcher, and leader, with years of experience in public and private sector compliance, oversight, investigations, operational excellence, management assessment, and executive leadership. Don is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction in history and a Master of Arts in anthropology (specializing in archaeology). In 2019, Don received his doctorate in transdisciplinary writing from Middlesex University in London. Don is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has had his work published in Six Sigma Forum Magazine and Lean & Six Sigma Review.