1st Edition

The Librarian's Guide to Learning Theory Practical Applications in Library Settings

By Ann Medaille Copyright 2023
    192 Pages
    by Facet Publishing

    This book will help library and information professionals better understand how people learn in order to improve support for instruction in their library.

    From book clubs to media facilities, libraries support learning in numerous ways. In this accessible handbook, Medaille unchains the field of learning theory from its verbose and dense underpinnings to show how libraries can use concepts and principles to better serve the needs of their users.

    Readers will discover:

    • concrete ways to improve library instruction, spaces, services, resources, and technologies
    • succinct overviews of major learning theories drawn from the fields of psychology, education, philosophy and many more
    • summaries of the most relevant aspects of each theory and instructional methods, showing how the various theories interact and support each other.

    This book will be useful for library and information professionals seeking to better understand their community and service users.



    1. Constructing Knowledge

    2. Collaboration

    3. Attention

    4. Multimedia

    5. Observation

    6. Self-Regulation

    7. Motivation

    8. Affect

    9 Context

    10. Dialogue

    11. Inquiry

    12. Imagination

    13. Guidance

    14. Individual Differences



    Ann Medaille is the director of research and instructional services at the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries, and serves as editor-in-chief of the journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. She has published several journal articles on topics related to educational theories and pedagogies.