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The Library of Essays on Antitrust and Competition Law: The Library of Essays on Antitrust and Competition Law

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Dominance and Monopolization Volume II

Dominance and Monopolization: Volume II

1st Edition

Edited By Rosa Greaves
December 05, 2012

Antitrust and competition law is a fast moving area of law and the subject of extensive academic research. The aim of this volume is to select articles as tools for understanding how antitrust and competition law is applied to unilateral conduct which is harmful to the consumer and to the ...

Cartels and Anti-Competitive Agreements Volume I

Cartels and Anti-Competitive Agreements: Volume I

1st Edition

Edited By Sandra Marco Colino
December 18, 2012

Antitrust is fast becoming a ’trending topic’, with over 120 countries having already adopted some form of competition legislation. This volume brings together carefully selected articles which reflect the evolution and progression of the regulation of joint conduct under competition law on both ...

Mergers and Acquisitions Volume III

Mergers and Acquisitions: Volume III

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Galloway
December 14, 2012

Mergers and acquisitions occur for many legitimate reasons and should be encouraged as a matter of general policy, yet the resulting increase in the level of market concentration and market strength can lead to concerns that certain ’deals’ may irreparably damage the market structure and create ...

The Library of Essays on Antitrust and Competition Law: 3-Volume Set

The Library of Essays on Antitrust and Competition Law: 3-Volume Set

1st Edition

By Sandra Marco Colino, Rosa Greaves
January 02, 2013

Antitrust and competition law have grown dramatically in importance and significance over the last fifty years. US antitrust law has been the principal source of inspiration for jurisdictions wishing to introduce regulation to control cartels and monopolization, and antitrust regulation has now ...

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