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The Library of Essays on Law and Privacy: The Library of Essays on Law and Privacy

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Privacy in the Information Society Volume II

Privacy in the Information Society: Volume II

1st Edition

Edited By Philip Leith
February 28, 2015

Information society projects promise wealth and better services to those countries which digitise and encourage the consumer and citizen to participate. As paper recedes into the background and digital data becomes the primary resource in the information society, what does this mean for privacy? ...

Security and Privacy Volume III

Security and Privacy: Volume III

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph Savirimuthu
March 19, 2015

During the last decade in particular the levels of critical engagement with the challenges posed for privacy by the new technologies have been on the rise. Many scholars have continued to explore the big themes in a manner which typifies the complex interplay between privacy, identity, security and...

The Individual and Privacy Volume I

The Individual and Privacy: Volume I

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph A. Cannataci
March 19, 2015

The essays selected for this volume reflect the many paths followed to develop a new, more robust methodology (idMAPPING) for investigating privacy. Each article deals with the three dimensions of time, space and place by addressing a number of questions such as: who? Which individual? When? How? ...

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