1st Edition

The Life of John Middleton Murry

By F.A. Lea Copyright 1959
    410 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First Published in 1959, The Life of John Middleton Murry is the first biography of one of the most controversial figures in English letters. Many people know Middleton Murry in one or other of his capacities: as editor (of the avant-grade magazine Rhythm, while he was still an undergraduate, of The Athenaeum in its last, most brilliant phase, The Adelphi in the 1920s, Peace News in the ‘40s); as the foremost critique of his day; as author of some forty books on literary, religious and social questions; as the husband of Katherine Mansfield and intimate of D.H. Lawrence; as prophet, politician or farmer…. Few, even of his most vigorous champions or opponents, discerned the consistent purpose uniting all his multifarious activities. To trace that is the principal aim of this book. Believing that the duty of the ‘official biographer’ is rather to present than interpret, the author makes no attempt to evaluate Murry’s theories objectively, confining himself to showing how intimately they grew out of his strange, tragic (and occasionally comic) experience. At the same time, he makes no secret of his own view of Murry’s significance both as a thinker and as ‘the representative figure of an age of breakneck social transition’.

    The Life of John Middleton Murry will be of interest to scholars and researchers of historical biographies, British history, and literature.

    Preface Part I: 1889-1923 1. First years 2. Ascending Curves 3. Taking Off 4. Climax 5. Strange Seas of Thought 6. ‘The Athenaeum’ 7. Death in Life Part II: 1923-1931 8. Rebirth 9. Journalist at Sea 10. Abbotsbury Harvest 11. Inhuman? 12. Resurrection 13. Son of Woman 14. Break-up Part III: 1931-1939 15. Revival 16. Socialist at Sea 17. Larling Harvest 18. All- Too- Human 19. Renovation 20. Son of Man 21. Break-Down Part IV: 1939-1957 22. Life in Death 23. ‘Peace News’ 24. Home is the Sailor 25. Anticlimax 26. Rounding off 27. Declining Curve 28. Last Years The Works of John Middleton Murry References Index


    F.A. Lea