1st Edition

The Machinery of School Internationalisation in Action Beyond the Established Boundaries

Edited By Laura C. Engel, Claire Maxwell, Miri Yemini Copyright 2020
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    Drawing on scholarship from the field of internationalisation in higher education and other theoretical influences in education policy, comparative education and sociology of education, this edited collection offers a much-needed extension of discussion and research into the compulsory schooling context.

    In this book, established and emerging scholars provide an authoritative set of conceptual tools for researchers in the field of internationalisation of compulsory schooling. It provides an overview of the current knowledge base and ways in which future research could engage with gaps in understandings. Through detailed case studies of the multiple forms of internationalisation present within schools and schooling systems, the volume considers why and how processes of internationalisation are shaping compulsory schooling today.

    This book will offer scholars and educators a clearer, more coherent set of conceptual frameworks within which to position their work in sociology of education, and international and comparative education, helping to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the many ways compulsory schooling is being internationalised, and with what consequences.  


    1. The OECD’s assessment of Global Competence: measuring and making Global Elites

    Euan Auld and Paul Morris

    2. Geographies of connection? The Chicken Project and other international acts by state secondary schools in England

    Johanna Waters and Rachel Brooks

    3. The ‘internationalisation of public schooling’ in practice: A ‘Skeptical Reality’ approach

    Tristan Bunnell 

    4. Equal Global Futures? Pathways of Internationalisation in US Schooling

    Laura C. Engel and Heidi Gibson

    5. The Pull and Push Forces in the Internationalization of Education in Russia

    Katerina Bodovski and Ruxandra Apostolescu

    6. Multiple internationalizations: the idiosyncratic enactment of the International Baccalaureate in state schools in Costa Rica, Peru and Buenos Aires

    Jason Beech and Jennifer Guevara

    7. On Being Local and International: Indonesian Teachers’ Experiences in International Kindergartens

    Vina Adriany

    8. Inclusive internationalisation in an international school in Amsterdam - illusion or reality

    Boris Prickarts

    9. Pedagogy for internationalisation: an Australian secondary school case study

    Sherene Hattingh

    10. Learning from internationalisation scholarship in higher education: commonalities, divergences and possible research directions for internationalisation in schools

    Tatiana Fumasoli 


    Laura C. Engel is Associate Professor of International Education and International Affairs at George Washington University, USA.

    Claire Maxwell is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, University Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Miri Yemini is Senior Academic Faculty and Comparative Education Scholar at Tel Aviv University, Israel.