1st Edition

The Many Faces of Homosexuality Anthropological Approaches to Homosexual Behavior

By Evelyn Blackwood Copyright 1986

    This groundbreaking book examines the diverse manifestations of homosexuality in various historical periods and non-Western cultures. The distinguished authors examine Kimam male ritualized homosexual behavior, Mexican homosexual interaction in public contexts, male homosexuality and spirit possession in Brazil, and much more.

    Contents Preface
    • Foreword
    • Breaking the Mirror: The Construction of Lesbianism and the Anthropological Discourse on Homosexuality
    • Age, Structure, and Sexuality: Reflections on the Anthropological Evidence on Homosexual Relations
    • The Hijras of India: Cultural and Individual Dimensions of an Institutionalized Third Gender Role
    • Growing Yams and Men: An Interpretation of Kimam Male Ritualized Homosexual Behavior
    • Sisters and Brothers, Lovers and Enemies: Marriage Resistance in Southern Kwangtung
    • The Lesbian Community: An Anthropological Approach
    • “Mummies and Babies” and Friends and Lovers in Lesotho
    • Mexican Male Homosexual Interaction in Public Contexts
    • Male Homosexuality and Spirit Possession in Brazil
    • Masculinity, Femininity, and Homosexuality: On the Anthropological Interpretation of Sexual Meanings in Brazil
    • Men and Not-Men: Male Gender-Mixing Statuses and Homosexuality
    • Why Was the Berdache Ridiculed?
    • Persistence and Change in the Berdache Tradition Among Contemporary Lakota Indians


    Blackwood, Evelyn