1st Edition

The Modern English Prison

By L. W. Fox Copyright 1934

    Originally published in 1934, The Modern English Prison was prepared in the belief that among the growing literature of crime and the treatment of crime, there should be some room for some account of the English prison system as it stood. Its first aim was to give an objective and comprehensive view of the system as it was at the time, rather than as it had been or ought to have been: the historical matter is therefore limited to what is necessary for proper understanding of present practice and no attempt is made to trespass on the ground of the penologist. Here is an authoritative and up-to-date account of the Prison System in England and Wales, prepared with the approval of the Prison Commissioners.

    Preface.  Bibliography.  1. Historical Outline  2. The Modern Prison System  3. Administration and Staff  4. Buildings and Accommodation  5. Classification of Prisoners  6. Discipline  7. Employment  8. Moral and Mental Welfare  9. Health and Cleanliness  10. General Treatment  11. Aid on Discharge  12. Women and Young Prisoners  13. Special Classes of Prisoners  14. Penal Servitude  15. Preventive Detention  16. The Borstal System  17. Prison Populations: Statistics.  Appendices.  Index.


    Sir Lionel Wray Fox