The Modern Traveller, part 4 (5-vol. EP set)  book cover
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The Modern Traveller, part 4 (5-vol. EP set)

ISBN 9784902454703
Published May 25, 2016 by Routledge
2200 Pages

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Book Description

This is the fourth part of a successful facsimile series which reprints The Modern Traveller, originally published in 30 volumes between 1825 and 1829. Edited by Josiah Conder, the editor of journals like The Eclectic Review or The Patriot, The Modern Traveller was a successful series of travel books published just prior to Britain’s transport revolution which saw the development and rapid expansion of roads and railways. Reflecting Britain’s imperial ambitions and the expansion of its Empire around the globe, the series had global range, including coverage of the Middle East, Africa, North & South America, and Asia. It provided general readers with the latest information on each country’s geography, history, political situation, culture, customs, major cities, travel routes along historic sites, scenic spots, and so on.

Each volume contains illustrations and foldout maps which are all faithfully reproduced in the reprint. The fourth part of the series is from the 20th to the 25th volume. It covers Africa and North America, which were both of geopolitical and of commercial interests to Britain in the early nineteenth-century, particularly in view of the slavery trade. Including very interesting descriptions and pre-Victorian British views of the area, these newly available volumes are a valuable source for any researcher interested in the history of the relationships between Britain and those new continents.

Table of Contents

Vol. 20: Africa 1
General View of Africa / Discoveries of the Ancients / Discoveries of the Portuguese / Formation of the Royal African Company / Divisions of Africa, Ancient and Modern / Tripoli / History of Tripoli / Route from Tripoli to Bengazi / Lebida / Bengazi (Berenice) / From Bengazi to Cyrene / Teuchira / Ptolemeta / Cyrene / History of Cyrene / Apollonla / Derna / Marmarca, The / Character and Customs of the Arabs of Barca / Tunis / Ruins of Carthage / History of Carthage / From Tunis to Jerba / Susa / Kairwan / Bizerta / Tabarca / Algiers, Kingdom of / Bona (Hippo Regius) / La Cala / Constantina / Algiers, City of / Bombardment of Algiers by the British Fleet under Admiral Lord Exmouth / Constitution of the Algerine Government / Treatment of the Christian Slaves / Province of Tlemsan / Shershell (Julia Caesarea) / Oran / Tlemsan (or Tremesen) / Description of the Numidian Atlas / Morocco, History of / Morocco, Boundaries and Physical Geography / Territorial Subdivisions / Tangier / Tetuan / Larache / Sallee

Vol. 21: Africa 2
Route from Tangier to Fez / Mequinez / City Of Fez / From Rabat to Modore / From Mododore to Morocco / City of Morocco / From Fez to Oushda / From Santa Cruz to Tarudant / Mount Atlas / From Tripoli to Mourzouk / Sockna / Black Mountains / Mourzouk / Manners and Customs of Fezzan / From Mourzouk to Germa and Ghraat / Zuela / The Tibboos / From Tagerhy to Kouka / Boundaries and Present State of Bornou / From Kouka to Mandara / From Kouka to Loggun / Begharmi / Dar Foor / From Kouka to Kano / Kano / From Badagry to Boussa / Katunga / Kiama / Boussa

Vol. 22: Africa 3
Boussa / From Boussa to Kano / From Kano to Dunrora / From Kano to Soccato / Soccatoo / History of the Fellatah Sovereignty / Manners and Customs of the Fellatahs / Foolah States of Senegambia / Timbuctoo / Source of the Niger / Sources of the Gambia and Rio Grande / Source of the Falemme / Source of the Senegal / Senegamibia / Kingdom of Galam (Or Kajaaga) / Country of Bambook / Gold Mines of Bambook / The Yolofs / Kingdom of Woolli / Kingdom of Bondoo / Portuguese Coast / Bissao / The Feloops / The Bisagoes, or Bijugas, & C / Sierra Leone / History of the English Colony / Freetown / Languages Spoken in the Colony / The Timmanees / Institution of the Purrah / The Kourankoes / The Soollmlas / The Mandingoes / Windwar Coast / Colony of Liberia / Gold Coast / Fernando Po / Ashantee / Cape of Good Hope / History of the Cape Settlement / Statistical View of the Colony / Cape Town / Gnadenthal / Bethelsdorp / Eastern Coast

Vol. 23: North America 1
General Statistical View of North America / Boundaries and General Divisions of the United States / Statistical and Historical View of the Aboriginal Nations / Physical Geography of North America / Description of the Great Lakes / The Mississippi / The Missouri / The Colombia / Tabular View of the Rivers of North America / Botanical Geography of the United States / General View of the American Confederacy / Tabular View of the Area and Population of the United States / History of the Discovery of North America / Settlement of Virginia / Settlement of New England / Settlement of New York / Settlement of New Jersey and Delaware / Settlement of Pennsylvania / Settlement of Maryland / Settlement of Carolina / Settlement of Georgia / Origin of the French War of 1755 / Siege of Quebec / Death of General Wolfe / Origin of Disputes with the Mother Country / Convention of the First Congress / Affairs of Lexington and Bunker's Hill / Politic Conduct and Tactics of Washington / Surrender of General Burgoyne / Independence of the United States Acknowledged by France / Horrible Effects of the Civil War / Surrender of Cornwallis / Peace between Great Britain and the United States / Adoption of a New Constitution / Presidency of Washington / Presidency of Adams / Death and Character of Washington / Presidency of Jefferson / Origin of the Second American War / Naval Contests / Advance of the British to Washington / Unsuccessful Attempt upon Baltimore / Defeat of the British at New Orleans / Restoration of Peace / General View of the Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the American Republic / Revenue of the United States / Topographical Description- New York / Erie and Champlain Canals / Population and Public Institutions of New York / Environs of New York / From New York to Lake Champlain / Valley of the Hudson / Albany / Saratoga and Balston Spa / Lake George / Lake Champlain / From Albany to Niagara / Falls of Niagara / Tuscarora Indians / Welland Canal / Boston / Harvard College / Rise and Progress of Unitarianism in America / Character of the Bostonians / Burke's Panegyric upon the New Englanders / Humorous Description of the Yankees / True Character of the New Englanders / General View of New England / Annual Cattle-Show of Massachusetts /State of Society, and Condition of Women in New England / Climate of New England / Valley of the Connecticut / Newhaven / Yale College / Princeton College / Andover College / Cornwall Theological Seminary / Constitution and Government of Connecticut

Vol. 24: North America 2
Philadelphia / Population of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia System of Prison Discipline / Causes of the Increase of Crime in the United States / Public Institution at Philadelphia / State of Literature in Philadelphia / Manner of the Americans / Environs of Philadelphia / From Lake Erie to Philadelphia / Wyoming / Moravian Settlements / Baltimore / Washington / House of Representatives / President's Levee / Constitution and Spirit of the Federal Government / Character of the First Six Presidents / Mount Vernon / From Washington to Richmond / The Rock Bridge / From Washington to Charleston / Charleston / Character and Effects of Slavery in America / From Charleston to New Orleans / Creek Indians / New Orleans / The Balize / From Natchez, through the Indian Territory to Richmond / Indian Ball-Play / Missionary Settlement at Elljot / Customs and Tradition of the Indians / Brainerd in the Cherokee Territory / Tennessee / Kentucky / Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi / Louisville / Character of the Kentuckians / The Western States / Missouri / British America, General View of / Newfoundland / Nova Scotia / Canada / Qubec / Montreal / Kingston

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