1st Edition

The Multiple Case Study Design Methodology and Application for Management Education

    84 Pages
    by Routledge

    84 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most organizations today operate in volatile economic and social environments and qualitative research plays an essential role in investigating leadership and management problems. This unique volume offers novice and experienced researchers a brief, student-centric research methods text specifically devoted to the multiple case study design.

    The multiple case study design is a valuable qualitative research tool in studying the links between the personal, social, behavioral, psychological, organizational, cultural, and environmental factors that guide organizational and leadership development. Case study research is essential for the in-depth study of participants' perspectives on the phenomenon within its natural context. Rigorously designed management and leadership case studies in the extant literature have a central focus on individual managers' and leaders' stories and their perceptions of the broader forces operating within and outside their organizations.

    This is a comprehensive methodology book exploring the multiple case study design with step-by-step and easily accessible guidelines on the topic, making it especially valuable to researchers, academics, and students in the areas of business, management, and leadership.

    1. A Refresher on the Philosophical Foundations of Academic Research 2. Research Methodologies: The Basics 3. The Role of Theory in Qualitative Research 4. How does the Novice Researcher Design a Multiple Case Study? 5. The Advantage of the Multiple Case Study Design for Management Researchers 6. Applying Data Collection Methods in Multiple Case Study Research 7. The Data Analysis Process for Multiple Case Study Research 8. Extending Theory with Multiple Case Study Design 9. Incorporating Multiple Case Design and Methodologies into Teaching and Professional Practice 10. Writing and Publishing Multiple Case Study Research 11. Concluding Thoughts


    Daphne Halkias is Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow at École des Ponts Business School in Paris, France.

    Michael Neubert is Associate Professor in Business and Management Studies and a Member of the Academic Council at UIBS in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Paul W. Thurman is Professor of Management and Analytics at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, New York, USA.

    Nicholas Harkiolakis is on the Faculty of the School of Technology at Northcentral University, San Diego, California, USA.