The Multiple Functions of Sensory-Motor Representations : A Special Issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology book cover
1st Edition

The Multiple Functions of Sensory-Motor Representations
A Special Issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology

ISBN 9781138878013
Published February 4, 2019 by Routledge
242 Pages

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Book Description

The papers in this volume consider the role of sensory-motor processes and their neural structures in higher cognitive functions such as visual and motor imagery, iconic memory and temporal judgment. The evidence brought to bear on this issue comes from behavioral studies of brain-damaged subjects and fMRI and TMS studies with normal subjects. The issue also includes several theoretical reviews and discussions.

Table of Contents

C.J. Price, K.J. Friston, Functional Ontologies for Cognition: The Systematic Definition of Structure and Function. C. Keysers , D.K. Xiao, P. Földiák, D.I. Perrett, Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind: The Neurophysiology of Iconic Memory in the Superior Temporal Sulcus. A. Farné, S. Bonifazi, E. Làdavas, The Role Played by Tool-use and Tool-length on the Plastic Elongation of Peri-hand Space: A Single Case Study. N. Sebanz, G. Knoblich, L. Stumpf, W. Prinz, Far from Action-blind: Representation of Others´ Actions in Individuals with Autism. S.M. Kosslyn, Mental Images and the Brain. V. Gallese, G. Lakoff, The Brain's Concepts: The Role of the Sensory-Motor System in Conceptual Structure. Z.M. Manjaly , J.C. Marshall, K.E. Stephan, J.M. Gurd, K. Zilles, G.R. Fink, Context-dependent Interactions of Left Posterior Inferior Frontal Gyrus in a Local Visual Search Task Unrelated to Language. B. Tomasino, P. Borroni, A. Isaja, R.I. Rumiati, The Primary Motor Cortex Subserves Not Only Hand Movements but Also Their Imagination. H. Bekkering, M. Brass, S. Woschina, A.M. Jacobs, Goal-directed Imitation in Patients' Ideomotor Apraxia. M. Tsakiris, P. Haggard, Experimenting with the Acting Self. A. Treves, Frontal Latching Networks: A Possible Neural Basis for Infinite Recursion. H.T. van Schie, A.A. Wijers, R.B. Mars, J.S. Benjamins, L.A. Stowe, Processing of Visual Semantic Information to Concrete Words: Temporal Dynamics and Neural Mechanisms Indicated by Event-related Brain Potentials. I. Alexander, A. Cowey, V. Walsh, The Right Parietal Cortex and Time Perception: Back to Critchley and the Zeitraffer Phenomenon.

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