1st Edition

The Mystery of the Great Pyramid Traditions concerning it and its Connection with the Egyptian Book of the Dead

By Basil Stewart Copyright 1929

    First published in 1929, The Mystery of the Great Pyramid attempts to unravel the secrets of the Great Pyramid by drawing parallels with the rituals in the Book of the Dead. The conception of the Pyramid and the origin of the cult of Osiris and of the Book of the Dead are to be found in a common source, which maybe expressed in the one word, Messianism. The author argues that this is why the literature of early Christian gnosticism abounds in mystical pyramid figures and associated astronomical conceptions and constellations. This book will be of interest to students of history, philosophy, and theology.

    Author’s Note Introduction 1. The Great Pyramid: Theories and Traditions 2. Traditions Regarding the Pyramid Builders 3. The Great Pyramid: Tomb or Observatory? 4. "The Book of the Dead" 5. The House of Osiris and its Allegory 6. Astronomical Conceptions in the Pyramid and in the Ritual 7. The Temple of Osiris Notes Bibliographical Index General Index


    Basil Stewart