1st Edition

The Neurobiology of Cocaine
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

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ISBN 9780849383113
Published July 17, 1995 by CRC Press
272 Pages

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Book Description

Representing the latest data from active research groups, The Neurobiology of Cocaine is designed to educate students and inform experts in a rapidly changing field. This volume presents current research regarding the mechanisms of cocaine's action in the brain. Recent developments of cellular, molecular, and brain imaging methods provide new evidence that chemical and molecular substrates underlie cocaine reinforcement, dependence, and withdrawal. This book explores the biological bases of such effects, describing the brain circuits affected by cocaine, neuroendocrine and neurophysiological actions of cocaine, neurochemistry and pharmacology of cocaine, and cocaine effects on signal transduction, gene expression, and protein phosphorylation.
This up-to-date text also describes the recently cloned class of neurotransporters affected by cocaine and characterizes their interaction with the drug. These reports focus on the effects of chronic exposure and subsequent withdrawal, which are differentiated from acute cocaine actions. Thus, they provide information on brain mechanisms likely active during long-term use and abuse in humans. Such commonalities are illustrated by a discussion of cocaine action in the human brain as visualized by positron emission tomography. This volume is a must for anyone interested in the mechanisms underlying cocaine abuse.

Table of Contents

Mechanisms of Cocaine Reinforcement
Neuroanatomical Basis of Cocaine Self-Administration, J.H. Graham and L.J. Porrino
Regional Metabolic Manifestations of Cocaine Exposure: Sensitization, Tolerance, and Withdrawal, R.P. Hammer, Jr., B.B. Young, and W.L. Thomas, Jr.
Sensitization and Tolerance to the Motivational and Subjective Effects of Psychostimulants, M.W. Emmett-Oglesby
Neuroendocrine Effects of Cocaine, C.M. Kuhn and P.J. Little
Cocaine Action in Humans, N.D. Volkow and J.S. Fowler
Cellular Effects of Cocaine
Neural Basis of Behavioral Sensitization to Cocaine, P.W. Kalivas
Neurophysiological Alterations in the Mesocorticolimbic Dopamine System with Repeated Cocaine Administration, F.J. White, X.-T. Hu, D.J. Henry, and X.-F. Zhang
Modulation of Serotonin Function by Acute and Chronic Cocaine: Neurophysiological Analyses, K.A. Cunningham
Cocaine Interactions with the Endogenous Opioid System, E. Unterwald
Neurochemistry of Cocaine Withdrawal, F. Weiss, L.H. Parsons, and A. Markou
Chronic Cocaine Action on the Dopamine Transporter, N.R. Zahniser, G.A. Gerhardt, and W.A. Cass
Molecular Approaches to Studying Cocaine Activation
Cocaine and Dopamine Transporters, M.J. Kuhar, J.W. Boja, A. Patel, N. Pilotte, C. Cerruti, and J. Lever
Effects of Cocaine on Immediate-Early Gene Response in Striatal Neurons, A.M. Graybiel, S. Berretta, R. Moratalla, F.-C. Liu, and B. Elibol
Cocaine Regulation of Signal Transduction Pathways, L.W. Fitzgerald and E.J. Nestler

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