The New Urban Sociology  book cover
5th Edition

The New Urban Sociology

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ISBN 9780813349565
Published December 9, 2014 by Routledge
450 Pages

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Book Description

Widely recognized as a groundbreaking text, The New Urban Sociology is a broad and expert introduction to urban sociology that is both relevant and accessible to the student. A thought leader in the field, the book is organized around an integrated paradigm (the sociospatial perspective) which considers the role played by social factors such as race, class, gender, lifestyle, economics, culture, and politics on the development of metropolitan areas. Emphasizing the importance of space to social life and real estate to urban development, the book integrates social, ecological and political economy perspectives and research through a fresh theoretical approach. With its unique perspective, concise history of urban life, clear summary of urban social theory, and attention to the impact of culture on urban development, this book gives students a cohesive conceptual framework for understanding cities and urban life.

In this thoroughly revised 5th edition, authors Mark Gottdiener, Ray Hutchison, and Michael T. Ryan offer expanded discussions of created cultures, gentrification, and urban tourism, and have incorporated the most recent work in the field throughout the text. The New Urban Sociology is a necessity for all courses on the subject.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fifth Edition 1 THE NEW URBAN SOCIOLOGY Urban Regions Defining the Metropolitan Region Megacities around the world A New Approach to Urban Sociology Global Capitalism and the Metropolis Structural Factors in Urban Development The Importance of Culture in Metropolitan Life The Sociospatial Approach Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 2 THE ORIGINS OF URBAN LIFE Ancient Urbanization Classical Cities Urbanization after AD 1000 The Medieval Order and the Renaissance City Capitalism and the Rise of the Industrial City Summary Key Concepts Important Names Discussion Questions 3 THE RISE OF URBAN SOCIOLOGY Georg Simmel on the City Louis Wirth and Urbanism as a Way of Life The Chicago School of Urban Sociology From Human Ecology to Urban Ecology Summary Key Concepts Important Names Discussion Questions 4 CONTEMPORARY URBAN SOCIOLOGY Political Economy and the City: Classic Approaches The Revival of Urban Political Economy: Henri Lefebvre Class Conflict Theories: Gordon, Storper and Walker Capital Accumulation Theory Approaches by Urban Sociologists: The Growth Machine vs. The Sociospatial Perspective Real Estate and Government Intervention Semiotics and Urban Culture The Global Economy Summary: The Sociospatial Perspective Key Concepts Discussion Questions 5 URBANIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES The Stages of Urban Growth The Colonial Period: 1630 to 1812 The Era of Industrial Expansion: 1812 to 1920 The Rise of the Metropolis: 1920 -60 Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 6 SUBURBANIZATION, GLOBALIZATION AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE MULTI- CENTERED REGION Deindustrialization and Globalization: Processes That Have Changed Both Cities and Suburbs Since the 1960s Globalization and Uneven Development How De-industrialization and Globalization affected suburbs Beyond Suburbia: The Emergence of the Multinucleated Region Recent Trends in Metropolitan Regions The Shift to the Sun Belt Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 7 PEOPLE AND LIFESTYLES IN THE METROPOLIS: URBAN AND SUBURBAN CULTURE Class Differences and Spatial Location Women, Gender Roles, and Space Gay and Lesbian Communities and Urban Life The City as a Special Place: Nightlife , Urban Culture, and Regeneration of Downtowns Urban Culture and City Revitalization Ethnicity and Immigration Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Across the Metropolis Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 8 NEIGHBORHOODS AND COMMUNITIES The Search for Community The Social Survey The Community Study Network Analysis: Does Location Matter? Mental Maps and Semiotics in Urban Space Behavior in Public Space Neighborhood and Community Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 9 METROPOLITAN PROBLEMS--Racism, Poverty, Crime, and Housing The Sociospatial Approach to Social Problems Racism and Poverty Increasing Income Inequality, Unemployment and Poverty The Housing Crisis and the Failure of Society to Provide Adequate Affordable Housing Homelessness Crime Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 10 URBANIZATION IN DEVELOPED NATIONS Western Europe Eastern Europe Japan Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 11 URBANIZATION IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD Changing Perspectives on Urbanization The Demographic Transition Primate City Development Patterns Shantytown Development The Informal Economy and Coping Strategies Urban Social Movements and Politics Patterns of Urbanization Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 12 METROPOLITAN PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Sprawl A Short History of Metropolitan Planning The Sociology of Land-Use Planning Utopian Schemes: Howard, Le Corbusier and Wright Planning Critics: Jacobs and Krier Other Trends in Planning Today Environmental Issues Summary Key Concepts Important Names Discussion Questions 13 METROPOLITAN SOCIAL POLICY The Tragedy of the Commons Urban Policy: The Political Debate Uneven Development and Urban Policy Urban Policy Privatism and Issues of Social Justice The Crisis of Local and State Government Regional Governance Summary Key Concepts Discussion Questions 14 THE FUTURE OF URBAN SOCIOLOGY Understanding Our New Urban World Urban Structure and Urban Culture The Future of the City The Future of the Urban Inquiry Key Concepts Discussion Questions

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