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The Origin of Higher Clades
Osteology, Myology, Phylogeny and Evolution of Bony Fishes and the Rise of Tetrapods

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ISBN 9781578085309
Published January 3, 2008 by CRC Press
388 Pages

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Book Description

The book provides insight on the osteology, myology, phylogeny and evolution of Osteichthyes. It not only provides an extensive cladistic analysis of osteichthyan higher-level inter-relationships based on a phylogenetic comparison of 356 characters in 80 extant and fossil terminal taxa representing all major groups of Osteichthyes, but also analyses various terminal taxa and osteological characters. And also provides a general discussion on issues such as the comparative anatomy, homologies and evolution of osteichthyan cranial and pectoral muscles, the development of zebrafish cephalic muscles and the implications for evolutionary developmental studies, the origin homologies and evolution of one of the most peculiar and enigmatic structural complexes of osteichthyans, the Weberian apparatus, and the use of myological versus osteological characters in phylogenetic reconstructions.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
1. Introduction and Aims
2. Methodology and Material
3. Phylogenetic Analysis
3.1 Cladistic Analysis, Diagnosis for Clades Obtained, and
Comparison with Previous Hypotheses
4. Comparative Anatomy, Higher-level Phylogeny and
Macroevolution of Osteichthyans—A Discussion
4.1 Brief Summary of the Phylogenetic
Results Obtained in the Cladistic Analysis
4.2 Comparative Anatomy, Homologies, and
Evolution of Osteichthyan Cranial Muscles
4.3 Cranial Muscles, Zebrafish, and Evolutionary
Developmental Biology
4.4 Comparative Anatomy, Homologies and Evolution of
Osteichthyan Pectoral Muscles
4.5 Origin, Homologies and Evolution of
the Weberian Apparatus
4.6 Myological versus Osteological Characters in
Phylogenetic Reconstructions: A New Insight
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