The Origins of International Economics  book cover
1st Edition

The Origins of International Economics

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ISBN 9780415315555
Published December 25, 2003 by Routledge
4192 Pages

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Book Description

The Origins of International Economics is a ten-volume facsimile collection of key works in the emergence of international economics up to the mid-1960s.
The collection covers both international trade theory (the real or microeconomic side of international economics) and open-economy macroeconomics (balance of payments adjustment and the determination of exchange rates).
A new general introduction and short introductions to each volume by the editor provide context and examine themes of the pieces included. This is a major reference work for study in the subject of international economics.

Table of Contents

Volume One
1. Pre-classical views of trade
2. Classical theory of the gains from trade
Volume Two
3. Neoclassical theory of international trade
4. Protectionist responses to classical free-trade doctrines
5. Journal articles on international trade from 1919 to 1930 (including articles by Frank W. Taussig, James W. Angell, Frank D. Graham and John H. Williams)
Volume Three
6. The exchange of the German transfer problem (J. M. Keynes, Bertil Ohlin and Jacques Rueff); and studies of international capital movements
Volume Four
7. Primary sources of the modern Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson factor-proportions theory of international trade 8. Developments in modern trade theory in the 1930s (Wassily Leontief and Abba P. Lerner)
Volume Five
9. General equilibrium in international trade (Theodore Yntema, Jacob Mosak, Lione McKenzie)
Volume Six
10. International exchange rates (including material by Ricardo, Gustav Cassel, Elizabeth Caroline van Dorp, Ludwig von Mises, John Maynard Keynes and Ralph Hawtrey)
Volume Seven
11. The emergence of Keynesian open-economy macroeconomics
Volume Eight
12. Absorption, elasticity, and monetary approaches to the foreign exchanges and balance of payments
Volume Nine
13. Fixed versus flexible exchange rates
14. The Mundell-Fleming or IS-LM-BP approach to open economy macroeconomics
Volume Ten
15. Developments in international trade theory

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