1st Edition

The Paradigm of International Social Development Ideologies, Development Systems and Policy Approaches

By Murli Desai Copyright 2014

    This book takes a historical approach to analyse ideologies, policy approaches and development systems that have constructed the paradigm of international social development. It aims to review the social construction of "development" by tracing the historical dynamics of the modern ideologies and political economy of industrialization, colonization, the Cold War, and globalisation; to examine the process of reconstruction of development as "social development" based on alternate ideologies and alternate policy approaches and review the roles played by the development systems; and to trace the history of social policy approaches from welfare to rights-based, universal, comprehensive and preventative social policies for social development, and identify the roles played by non-government organizations and the social work profession.

    Part 1: The Paradigm Shift from Economic Development to Social Development  1. Western Modern Ideologies and History of Industrialization and Colonization  2. Political Economy of Development and Globalization  3. Alternate Ideologies and Development Approaches  4. Changing Roles of the United Nations and Development Aid Systems  5. Changing Roles of State and Civil Society  6. Feminism and Policy Approaches for Gender Aware Development  7. Ecologism and Policy Approaches for Sustainable Development  8. Changing Explanations of Poverty and Policy Approaches for Poverty Eradication  9. International Human Rights Law and Policy Approaches for Rights-Based Development  Part 2: The Paradigm Shift from Residual Welfare to Rights-Based Social Policy Approaches  10. Changing Social Policy Approach from Residual Welfare to Rights-Based Social Protection  11. Planning a Rights-Based Approach for Social Policy and Service Delivery Systems  12. Family Diversity and Rights-Based Family Policy Approach  13. Childhood Vulnerability and Rights-Based Policy Approach for Children  14. Old Age Vulnerability and Rights-Based Policy Approach for Older Persons  15. Role of International Developmental Social Work for International Social Development


    Murli Desai was on the faculty of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, in India from 1984 and took voluntary retirement in 2006. Subsequently, she worked as a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Social Work at the National University of Singapore and Professor in the Department of Social Welfare, at the Seoul National University of South Korea.