1st Edition

The Physics of Phonons

ISBN 9780852741535
Published January 1, 1990 by CRC Press
438 Pages

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Book Description

There have been few books devoted to the study of phonons, a major area of condensed matter physics. The Physics of Phonons is a comprehensive theoretical discussion of the most important topics, including some topics not previously presented in book form. Although primarily theoretical in approach, the author refers to experimental results wherever possible, ensuring an ideal book for both experimental and theoretical researchers.

The author begins with an introduction to crystal symmetry and continues with a discussion of lattice dynamics in the harmonic approximation, including the traditional phenomenological approach and the more recent ab initio approach, detailed for the first time in this book. A discussion of anharmonicity is followed by the theory of lattice thermal conductivity, presented at a level far beyond that available in any other book. The chapter on phonon interactions is likewise more comprehensive than any similar discussion elsewhere. The sections on phonons in superlattices, impure and mixed crystals, quasicrystals, phonon spectroscopy, Kapitza resistance, and quantum evaporation also contain material appearing in book form for the first time. The book is complemented by numerous diagrams that aid understanding and is comprehensively referenced for further study. With its unprecedented wide coverage of the field, The Physics of Phonons will be indispensable to all postgraduates, advanced undergraduates, and researchers working on condensed matter physics.

Table of Contents

Elements of crystal symmetry: Direct lattice; Reciprocal lattice; Brillouin zone; Crystal structure; Point groups; Space groups; Symmetry of the Brillouin zone; Jones zone; Surface Brillouin zone; Matrix representations of point groups. Lattice dynamics in harmonic approximation - semiclassical treatment: Introduction; Lattice dynamics of a linear chain; Lattice dynamics of three-dimensional crystals - phenomenological models; Density of normal modes; Numerical calculation of g(w); Lattice heat capacity. Lattice dynamics in the harmonic approximation - ab initio treatment: Introduction; The frozen-phonon approach; The linear response approach; The planar force constant method. Anharmonicity: Introduction; Hamiltonian of a general three-dimensional crystal; Effect of anharmonicity on phonon states; Effects of the selection rules on three-phonon processes; Hamiltonian of an anharmonic elastic continuum; Evaluation of three-phonon scattering strengths; The quasi-harmonic approximation and Grueneisen's constant. Theory of lattice thermal conductivity: Introduction; Relaxation-time methods; Gree-Kubo linear response theory; Second sound and Poiseuille flow of phonons. Phonon scattering in solids: Boundary scattering; Scattering by static imperfections; Phonon scattering in alloys; Anharmonic scattering; Phonon-electron scattering in doped semiconductors; Phonon scattering due to magnetic impurities in semiconductors; Phonon scattering from tunnelling states of impurities; Phonon-photon interaction. Analysis of phonon relaxation and thermal conductivity results: Anharmonic decay of phonons; Lattice thermal conductivity of undoped semiconductors and insulators; Non-metallic crystals with high thermal conductivity; Thermal conductivity of complex crystals; Low-temperature thermal conductivity of doped semiconductors. Phonons in low dimensional solids: Introduction; Surface vibrational modes; Attenuation of surface phonons; Phonons in superlattices; Thermal conductivity of superlattices. Phonons in impure and mixed crystals: Introduction; Localised vibrational modes in semiconductors; Experimental studies of long-wavelength optical phonons in mixed crystals; Theoretical models for long-wavelength optical phonons in mixed crystals; Phonon conductivity of mixed crystals. Phonons in quasi-crystalline and amorphous solids: Introduction; Phonons in quasi-crystals; Structure and vibrational excitations of amorphous solids; Vibrational properties of amorphous solids; Low-temperature properties of amorphous solids. Phonon spectroscopy: Introduction; Heat pulse technique; Superconducting tunnel junction technique; Optical techniques; Phonons from Landau levels in 2DEG; Phonon focusing and imaging; Frequency crossing phonon spectroscopy; Phonon echoes. Phonons in liquid helium: Introduction; Dispersion curve and elementary excitations; Specific heat; Interactions between the excitations; Kapitza resistance; Quantum evaporation. Appendices: Density functional formalism; The pseudopotential method; Evaluation of integrals in sections; Negative-definitenss of the phonon off-diagonal operator ^D*L. References. Index.

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