1st Edition

The Plural Turn in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies
The Work of Andrew Samuels

Edited By

Stefano Carpani

ISBN 9780367525064
Published February 23, 2021 by Routledge
268 Pages 4 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

This unique book showcases the cutting-edge work of researchers in Jungian and post-Jungian studies, focusing on the advances being made at the University of Essex, UK, and operating as a Festschrift for Professor Andrew Samuels.

The Plural Turn in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies includes contributions from innovative authors who specialise in Jung but incorporate ideas from other psychoanalytic schools and from a range of disciplines. The book includes chapters which shed new light on concepts including alchemy, archetypes and individuation and which examine art, relationships and politics. It both honours the work of Andrew Samuels and sets the foundations of an ‘Essex School’ of Jungian studies.

A wide-ranging collection, this book will be essential for academics and scholars of Jungian and post-Jungian studies. It will also be a key title for all readers with an interest in the work of Andrew Samuels.

Table of Contents

Preface by Kevin Lu

Introduction by Stefano Carpani: Andrew Samuels: Plurality, Politics and ‘The Individual’

PART I: From the PhD Theses

  1. An Enquiry into Psychological Aspects of Recovery from Dependence on Psychoactive Substances
  2. Mary Addenbrooke

  3. The Tabloid Trickster
  4. James Alan Anslow

  5. Title: Laws of Inheritance: An Archetypal Study of Twins
  6. Elizabeth Brodersen

  7. From Emancipation to Liberation: A Neo-Jungian Critique of Theodor Adorno
  8. Stefano Carpani

  9. A Spatial Rapprochement Between Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination and Desoille’s Rêve Éveillé Dirigé
  10. Laner Cassar

  11. A Critique of Containing Space in Therapeutic Work
  12. Martyna Chrzescijanska

  13. Alchemy and Individuation
  14. Clare Crellin

  15. Pan Stalks America: Contemporary American Anxieties and Cultural Complex Theory
  16. Sukey Fontelieu

  17. Personal Myth and Analytical Psychology
  18. Phil McCash

  19. On the Spirit and the Self: Chagall, Jung, and Religion
  20. Jennifer Swan

  21. Marriage as a Psychological Relationship in China

Huan Wang

PART II: Andrew in 1000 words

  1. Mary Addenbrooke
  2. James Alan Anslow
  3. Elizabeth Brodersen
  4. Stefano Carpani
  5. Laner Cassar
  6. Martyna Chrzescijanska
  7. Clare Crellin
  8. Sukey Fontelieu
  9. Phil McCash
  10. Jennifer Swan
  11. Huan Wang

PART III: Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century

Stefano Carpani and Andrew Samuels in conversation

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Stefano Carpani M.A. M.Phil., is a Psychoanalyst and a Sociologist (graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich, Switzerland and the University of Cambridge, respectively), and a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK. He works in private practice in Berlin, Germany.


"Of the happy moment in the I Ching that foresees a fortunate future for work brought to completion by someone who has given a project all that it deserves, Richard Wilhelm comments, "No one knows himself. It is only by the consequences of his actions, by the fruit of his labors, that a man can judge what he is to expect." In The Plural Turn, students from Professor Andrew Samuels’s decades at the University of Essex, who include editor and major contributor Stefano Carpani, are given their chance to show how much this analytic teacher has allowed post-Jungian thought to take root in minds that have been taught by him to deploy critical thinking and critical feeling to get to the heart of any opinion. This Festschrift takes the long view: the harvest on display is a harbinger of the fertility of the ideas it advances. Andrew has every reason to expect that his way of joining the personal with the political—a poly-directional relational position aimed at preserving the openness of psyche itself—will continue to correct, for educational generations to come, the orthodoxies that perennially threaten both academic settings and analytic schools." — John Beebe (MD), author of Integrity in Depth

"From the creative mind of Stefano Carpani a brilliant and fine book that captures in form and content the deeply relational spirit with which Andrew Samuels has carried out his work as mentor, teacher and theorist, through the fruitful encounter with the plurality of minds of his PhD students. Masterfully - and mutually - cultivated, their voices expressed themselves in a novel way on a wide variety of themes. Such meetings left a profound trace in the people and the cultural humus of analytical psychology, generating something deeply new and peculiar, the Jungian branch of the Essex school of psychosocial studies." Monica Luci (PhD), Jungian Psychoanalyst and Scholar

"The Plural Turn reveals the transformation of Jungian studies by one extraordinarily creative figure, Professor Andrew Samuels. As a distinguished analyst, innovative theorist and pioneering teacher, he has rejuvenated the legacy of Jung and inaugurated generations of scholars while taking psyche into politics and beyond. This book gathers the work of his PhD students who continue to thrive in the pluralism he proposed. By creating the critical stance of the Post-Jungian, Samuels and his ‘Essex School,’ bring rigor and liveliness to Jungian scholarship."Susan Rowland (PhD), Pacifica Graduate Institute