1st Edition

The Podcaster's Audio Guide

By Jay Cockburn Copyright 2022
    188 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    188 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    The Podcaster's Audio Guide is a concise introduction to simple sound engineering techniques for podcasters. This digestible guide explains the basics of audio engineering, from equipment, to recording, editing, mixing and publishing. Suitable for beginners from all backgrounds, including students and hobbyists, as well as professional content producers looking to experiment with podcasts, The Podcaster's Audio Guide is the perfect resource with cheat sheets, starting set-ups and a comprehensive jargon buster.

    1. Introduction

    Welcome to podcasting properly

    The stuff you need to know first

    Some basic knowledge you need before we get started

    2. Equipment

    Introduction to equipment


    Field recording and handhelds

    Preamps, audio interfaces and outboard gear

    Your computer


    Headphones and speakers

    Other bits and pieces that are important

    Equipment checklist

    3. Recording

    Introduction to recording

    Turn any space into a studio

    Microphone technique

    Hit record

    Field recordings

    Studio etiquette: how not to break your stuff or your staff

    Remote recording and double enders

    Exercise: remote recording, part 1

    Quick start guide

    4. Editing

    Introduction to editing

    Where to start

    Editing speech, naturally

    Fades and automation

    Using field effects and archive audio

    Tips to get you out of a difficult cut

    Exercise: remote recording, part 2

    5. Mixing

    Introduction to mixing

    Basics: pan, gain, volume

    Loudness and levels

    Compression and other dynamic control

    EQ and clarity

    Noise reduction and how to clean up bad audio



    Exercise: remote recording, part 3

    6. Publishing

    Introduction to publishing

    File formats

    What is an RSS feed?

    Where and how to submit a podcast for publication

    7. Jargon buster



    Jay Cockburn is a sound engineer, podcast producer and journalist. He worked for the BBC in London for eight years before moving to Toronto, where he produces podcasts for big brands like Canada's biggest newspaper The Globe and Mail, HSBC and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is also lead producer on Darts and Letters, a podcast about radical thought and progressive ideas.