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1st Edition

The Poems of Alexander Pope: Volume Three The Dunciad (1728) & The Dunciad Variorum (1729)

Edited By Valerie Rumbold Copyright 2007
    ISBN 9781032477824
    440 Pages
    Published January 21, 2023 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780582423428
    440 Pages
    Published October 12, 2007 by Routledge

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    Alexander Pope (1688–1744) is one of the greatest poets in European literature, comparable to the likes of likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Keats and Wordsworth. He is not easy to read though: his poetry uses dense literary and contemporary contextual allusions. This is why a book that gets the readers to the meaning of his poetry as painlessly as possible is so important.

    This volume features the complete text of Pope’s most significant poem, The Dunciad. The first-rate annotations that accompany this edition of the poem provide information on matters of interpretation and give details of allusions that might prove baffling to the contemporary reader.

    Editor’s Preface and Acknowledgements  List of Plates  Map of London  The Dunciad. An Heroic Poem (1728)  Headnote; The Publisher to the Reader; Book I; Book II; Book III; The Dunciad Variorum (1729)  Headnote; Advertisement; A Letter to the Publisher; Testimonies of Authors; Martinus Scriblerus, of the Poem; Dunciados Periocha: or, Arguments to the Books; Book I; Book II; Book III; M. Scriblerus Lectori; Index of Persons celebrated in this Poem; Index of the Author’s of the Notes; Appendix: Pieces contained in the Appendix; I: Preface prefix’d to the five imperfect Editions of the Dunciad; II: A List of Books, Papers, and Verses; III: A Copy of Caxton’s Preface to his Translation of Virgil; IV: Virgilius Restauratus; V: A Continuation of the Guardian; VI: A Parallel; VII: A List of All our Author’s Genuine Works; Index of Things (including Authors)  Index of Persons  Index of Selected Topics  Bibliography


    Valerie Rumbold is Senior Lecturer in English at the Universityof Birmingham. She has published a range of articles on Pope and on eighteenth-century women writers. Her book Women’s Place in Pope’s World (1989) was awarded the Rose Mary Crawshay Prize by the BritishAcademy. She also edited the Longman Annotated Texts edition of Alexander Pope: The Dunciad in Four Books (1999).

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