1st Edition

The Politics of Integration Law, Race and Literature in Post-War Britain and France

By Chloe Gill-Khan Copyright 2018
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    After almost seven decades, Britain and France, nations with divergent political cultures and heirs to contrasting philosophies of 'integration', have proclaimed the failure to integrate their post-war ethnic minorities: at this present time, the ‘Muslim’. The ‘argument’ of this book, therefore, is a question: despite the legal, political and social commitments that emerged from the events of the Holocaust, why do both nations continue to govern minorities on the sites of the law and race?

    Through comparative readings of British Asian and Franco-Maghrebian literatures, the author examines the contours and patterns of British and French post-war governance and racism over four decades. Departing from prevailing theories in postcolonial studies that situate post-war racism within the narrative of colonialism or the politics of the nation-state, The Politics of Integration shows how we must re-appraise the inter-war histories of minorities if we are to ask more meaningful questions about the present.

    We are invited to take stock of how well theorization of post-war ethnic populations and their politics have served us in terms of asking: what does history tell us, and how and where do we - Europe and its minorities - go from here? As such, the book will appeal to scholars in multiple disciplines in the humanities and social sciences such as history, philosophy, literature, cultural and postcolonial studies.


    Series Editor’s Preface

    1. Anchoring the Self

    2. The ‘Dark Continent’: Minorities, Race and the Law in Europe


    3. Ziggurat Shadows: Time, Space, Memories and Justice


    4. Garments of Love: Healing Men and Women

    The Self

    5. "Khudi": the Self in Europe

    6. Embarkations of the Self



    Chloe A. Gill-Khan is Visiting Lecturer at the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, The Aga Khan University, London. Previously, she was Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.