1st Edition

The Possibility of Relative Truth
An Examination of the Possibility of Truth Relativism Within Coherence and Correspondence Host Theories of Truth

ISBN 9781138336469
Published November 22, 2020 by Routledge
192 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1998, this book is an investigation of the possibility of articulating a coherent thesis of truth relativism within first, a host correspondence theory of truth and second, a host coherence theory of truth. The type of relativism addressed in the book is what is sometimes called ’framework relativism’ - that where truth is relativised to a framework of belief or conceptual scheme. A further restraint is that a global relativistic thesis is sought - one which is relativistic about all truths. The book does not set itself the task of defending relativism but just that of seeking a coherent articulation of it.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Correspondence Truth Relativism. 1. The Correspondence Theory and Relativism. 2. Framework Relativisms with One World Realism. 3. Categorial Repertoire Weak Truth Relativism. 4. The Truth Status of Truth Relativism Itself. 5. Totally Incommensurable Conceptual Schemes. 6. Alternative Categorial Webs. Part 2. Coherence Truth Relativism. 7. Truth Relativism within Non-Realist Theories. 8. Propositional Relativism. 9. Possible-Strong Actual Belief Relativism. 10. Weak Truth Coherentism. 11. Coherence Relativism and Standard Objections.

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Peter Davson-Galle


’... merely to provide a coherent articulation ...the conclusion he reaches is that it proves to be the correspondence theory, not the coherence theory, within which it is easier to articulate global framework truth relativism’ Bibliographie De La Philosophie