1st Edition

The Printing Unwins: A Short History of Unwin Brothers The Gresham Press (1826-1976)

By Philip Unwin Copyright 1976

    First published in 1976, The Printing Unwins is the story of the firm of Unwin Brothers: the saga that began with the enterprise of Jacob Unwin who started the business which grew over the years into the Gresham Steam Press and under his sons George and Edward into Unwin Brothers of London and Woking. The social and economic changes of the years are not overlooked, and the book show vividly the ebb and flow of fortune in a family firm with its strong strain of Nonconformity. With sympathy and humour, the character and foibles of the various partners are described alongside their constant striving to satisfy customers, achieve technical advance and adequate financial return. The book will be of interest to students of literature and history as well to any professional in the world of printing.

    Preface List of Illustrations 1. Jacob Unwin 2. The Unwin Brothers: George and Edward 3. Third Generation: George Soundy and Edward Junior 4. The Start of Woking 5. London Sunset 6. The Advance of Woking 7. Renaissance and the Nineteen Twenties 8. Centenary and the Nineteen Thirties 9. Second World War 10. Post-war Reconstruction 1945-1954 11. A New Era 1954-1960 12. Last Years oof Independence 1960-1964 13. Under New Ownership Bibliography The Printing Unwins Management Organization Major Items of Plant – Unwin Brothers, 1976 Index


    Philip Unwin