1st Edition

The Quest for Oil

By W.G. Roberts Copyright 1970

    The Quest for Oil (1970) examines all aspects of the oil industry – what oil is, where it is found, how fuels are produced, transported and sold, and the ways in which the fuels are used.

    1. Fuels and Energy  2. The Beginnings of the Oil Industry  3. Looking for Oil  4. Getting Crude Oil from the Ground  5. The Nature of Oil  6. The Right Oil for the Right Purpose  7. Oil Products  8. Making the Products: the First Stage  9. Improving the Products  10. The Refinery  11. Moving Oil Around the World – Tankers  12. Moving Oil – Transport Over Land  13. Planning the Supply of Oil  14. People in the Oil Industry  15. Oil Today and Tomorrow


    W.G. Roberts