1st Edition

The Reflective Practice Guide An interdisciplinary approach to critical reflection

By Barbara Bassot Copyright 2016
    ISBN 9781138784314
    166 Pages
    Published November 4, 2015 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138784307
    166 Pages
    Published November 10, 2015 by Routledge

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    The Reflective Practice Guide supports all students for whom the process of reflecting on developing knowledge and skills is crucial to successful professional practice. It offers an accessible introduction to a wide range of theories and models that can help you engage more effectively in critical reflection. Illustrated throughout with examples and case studies drawn from a range of interdisciplinary professional contexts, The Reflective Practice Guide offers models of practice that can be applied in a variety of settings. Reflective questions in each chapter help you apply ideas to your own professional context.

    Drawing on literature from a range of disciplines, key aspects of reflection explored include:

    • Becoming more self-aware
    • The role of writing in reflection
    • Learning from experience
    • Learning from positives and negatives
    • Emotions and processing feelings
    • Bringing assumptions to the surface
    • Learning from feedback
    • Reflecting in groups
    • Managing change.

    The Reflective Practice Guide is an essential source of support, guidance and inspiration for all students on education, nursing, social work and counselling courses, who want to think about practice at a deeper level, question approaches, challenge assumptions and gain greater self-awareness.

    1. What is reflective practice?  2. Becoming more self-aware  3. The role of writing in reflection  4. Experiential learning  5. Learning from positives and negatives: Critical incidents  6. Engaging with emotions  7. Bringing assumptions to the surface  8. The role of feedback in professional development  9. Reflecting in groups  10. Managing change  11. Critically reflective practice as a way of being  12. Review and looking forward


    Barbara Bassot is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Career and Personal Development, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

    "As a research practitioner and also an internal coach, I have found this book not only an interesting read, but very much a useful tool for my own critical reflection; and one I would certianly recommend as a suggested resource to assist my coaches." - Joanne Mills, lead practitioner at Gateshead College and member of SET, inTuition

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