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1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture

ISBN 9781138779846
Published January 2, 2015 by Routledge
484 Pages

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Book Description

The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture provides an essential guide to the key issues, methodologies, concepts, debates, and policies that shape our everyday relationship with advertising.

The book contains eight sections:

  • Historical Perspectives considers the historical roots and their relationship to recent changes of contemporary advertising and promotional practice.
  • Political Economy examines how market forces, corporate ownership, and government policies shape the advertising and media promotion environment.
  • Globalization presents work on advertising and marketing as a global, intercultural, and transnational practice.
  • Audiences as Labor, Consumers, Interpreters, Fans introduces how people construct promotional meaning and are constructed as consumers, markets, and labor by advertising forces.
  • Identities analyzes the ways that advertising constructs images and definitions of groups -- such as gender, race and the child -- through industry labor practices, marketing, as well as through representation in advertising texts.
  • Social Institutions looks at the pervasiveness of advertising strategies in different social domains, including politics, music, housing, and education.
  • Everyday Life highlights how a promotional ethos and advertising initiatives pervade self image, values, and relationships.
  • The Environment interrogates advertising’s relationship to environmental issues, the promotional efforts of corporations to construct green images, and mass consumption’s relationship to material waste.

With chapters written by leading international scholars working at the intersections of media studies and advertising studies, this book is a go-to source for those looking to understand the ways advertising has shaped consumer culture, in the past and present.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction  Emily West and Matthew P. McAllister  Section 1: Historical Perspectives  2. Origins of Modern Consumption: Advertising, New Goods, and a New Generation, 1890-1930  Gary Cross  3. "Sentimental ‘Greenbacks’ of Civilization": Cartes de Visite and the Pre-history of Self-branding  Alison Hearn  4. The Fight against Critics and the Discovery of "Spin": American Advertising in the 1930s and 40s  Inger L. Stole  5. Cultivating the Romance of Place: Marketing as Popular Geography  Richard K. Popp  Section 2: Political Economy  6. Regulating Integrated Advertising  Christina Spurgeon  7. Cross-Media Promotion and Media Synergy: Practices, Problems and Policy Responses  Jonathan Hardy  8. Media Buying: The New Power of Advertising  Joseph Turow  Section 3: Globalization  9. The Advertising Industry in Latin America: A Regional Portrait  John Sinclair  10. Globalization, Penetration, and Transformation: A Critical Analysis of Transnational Advertising Agencies in Asia  Kwangmi Ko Kim and Hong Cheng  11. The Ties that Bind: US Hispanic Advertising and the Tension between Global and Local Forces  Christopher A. Chávez  12. The Transnational Promotional Class and the Circulation of Value(s)  Melissa Aronczyk  Section 4: Audiences as Labor, Consumers, Interpreters, Fans  13. Commodifying Free Labor Online: Social Media, Audiences, and Advertising  Nicole S. Cohen  14. The Impact of Social Media on Imaginary Social Relationships with Media Figures/Celebrities Who Appear in Advertising  Neil M. Alperstein  15. Health Literacy in DTCA 2.0: Digital and Social Media Frontiers  Ashli Quesinberry Stokes  Section 5: Identities  16. The New "Real Women" of Advertising: Subjects, Experts, and Producers in the Interactive Era  Brooke Erin Duffy  17. "Brut Slaps…And Twins": Hypercommercialized Sports Media and the Intensification of Gender Ideology  Matthew P. McAllister and Chenjerai Kumanyika  18. The Ghosts of Mad Men: Race and Gender Inequality Inside American Advertising Agencies  Christopher Boulton  19. Governing Taste: Packaged Foods, Inscription Devices, Nutrition, and the Child  Charlene Elliott  Section 6: Social Institutions  20. The New Refeudalization of the Public Sphere  Jamie Warner  21. Rate Your Knowledge: the Branded University  Sarah Banet-Weiser  22. Now Hear This: The State of Promotion and Popular Music  Devon Powers  23. Property Porn: An Analysis of Online Real Estate Advertising  Jacqueline Botterill  Section 7: Everyday Life  24. "Brand You!": The Business of Personal Branding and Community in Anxious Times  Christine Harold  25. Back to the Future: Gifts, Friendship, and the Re-figuration of Advertising Space  Iain MacRury  26. Cause Marketing and the Rise of Values-Based Brands: Exploiting Compassion in Pursuit of Profits  Mara Einstein  27.  From Advergames to Branded Worlds: The Commercialization of Digital Gaming  Sara M. Grimes  Section 8: The Environment  28. The "Crying Indian," Corporations, and Environmentalism: A Half-Century of Struggle over Environmental Messaging  Robin Andersen  29. Behind the Green Curtain: Constructing the Green Consumer with Contemporary Environmental Advertising  Colleen Connolly-Ahern and Lee Ahern  30. The Paradox of Materiality: Fashion, Marketing, and the Planetary Ecology  Juliet B. Schor

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Matthew P. McAllister is Professor of Communications in the Department of Film/Video & Media Studies at Penn State. He is the author of The Commercialization of American Culture (1996, Safe), and the co-editor of Comics and Ideology (with Ian Gordon and Edward H. Sewell, Jr., 2001, Peter Lang), Film and Comic Books (with Ian Gordon and Mark Jancovich, 2007, University Press of Mississippi), and The Advertising and Consumer Culture Reader (with Joseph Turow, 2009, Routledge).

Emily West is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, whose work focuses on consumer culture, gender and performance, and media audiences. Her research on the commodification of sentiment and nation branding has appeared in journals including Media, Culture & Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Journal of Consumer Culture, Feminist Media Studies, and Popular Communication. Her newest work is on discourses of consumerism in US healthcare policy.


"[T]he editors have gathered together an impressive set of contributions from leading and emerging scholars who consider advertising, promotional culture and consumer culture from a range of disciplinary perspectives… [T]aken together the thirty chapters create a rich, if sometimes troubling, tapestry depicting advertising and promotion practices, and exploring how these relate to consumer experiences and wider societal structures and concerns." – Stephanie O’Donohoe, The University of Edinburgh