1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to International Hospitality Management

    454 Pages 97 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    454 Pages 97 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The hospitality sector is facing increasing competition and complexity over recent decades in its development towards a global industry. The strategic response to this is still that hospitality companies try to grow outside their traditional territories and domestic markets, while the expansion patterns and M&A activities of international hotel and restaurant chains reflect this phenomenon. Yet, interestingly, the strategies, concepts, and methods of internationalization as well as the managerial and organizational challenges and impacts of globalizing the hospitality business are under-researched in this industry.

    While the mainstream research on international management offers an abundance of information and knowledge on topics, players, trends, concepts, frameworks, or methodologies, its ability to produce viable insights for the hospitality industry is limited, as the mainstream research is taking place outside of the service sector. Specific research directions and related cases like the international dimensions of strategy, organization, marketing, sales, staffing, control, culture, and others to the hospitality industry are rarely identifiable so far. The core rationale of this book is therefore to present newest insights from research and industry in the field of international hospitality, drawing together recent scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art expertise to suggest directions for future work. It is designed to raise awareness on the international factors influencing the strategy and performance of hospitality organizations, while analyzing and discussing the present and future challenges for hospitality firms going or being international.

    This book will provide a comprehensive overview and deeper understanding of trends and issues to researchers, practitioners, and students by showing how to master current and future challenges when entering and competing in the global hospitality industry.

    Part I Global Context of International Hospitality Management

    1. Past and Present Streams in International Hospitality Management

    Naiqing Lin, and Michael C. Ottenbacher

    2. Past and Present Key Players in the Hospitality Industry

    Betsy Stringam, Joseline Goopio, Basak Denizci-Guillet, and Hjalte Brøendum Mansa

    3. The Role of Internationalization in Hospitality Management: Previous Trends and New Directions

    Markus Schuckert

    4. Hospitality Industry Structures and Organization

    Betsy Stringam, Joseline Goopio, Basak Denizci-Guillet, and Hjalte Brøendum Mansa

    Part II Culture and International Hospitality Management

    5. Customer Experience in Hospitality and Tourism – A Cross-Cultural Perspective

    Raija Seppalä-Esser

    6. Country Culture vs. Organizational Culture

    Steffen Raub, and Stefano Borzillo

    7. Intercultural Competencies and Cultural Standards in International Hospitality

    Ulrich Bauer

    8. International Hospitality Development: Training to Enhance the Understanding of ´The Art of Hospitality' Business Model

    Robert J. Harrington, Yimo Liu, Rhonda Hammond, Anders P.F. Herdenstam, and Byron Marlowe

    9. Organization, Culture and Leadership

    Steffen Raub, and Stefano Borzillo 

    Part III Hospitality Paradigms and Business Models

    10. Hospitality in Asia: The Dawn of a New Paradigm

    Kaye Chon, and Markus Schuckert

    11. Digital Transformation: The Blurring of Organizational Boundaries in Hotel Distribution

    Peter O’Connor

    12. The Future of CSR in the Hospitality Industry: Next Stop, Global Responsibility?

    Henri Kuokkanen

    13. Sustainability without Limits: Strategic and Operational Innovations in the Hospitality Industry

    Willy Legrand, Elena Cavagnaro, Robert Schønrock Nielsen, and Nicolas Dubrocard

    14. Hotel Asset Management: A Professional Approach and International Perspective

    Florian Aubke, and Theodor Kubak

    15. Globalization and the Lodging-Shared Economy

    Jeffery C. Kreeger

    16. Integrated Resort and Casino Tourism: A Global Hospitality Trend but a Sure Win?

    Glenn McCarty

    17. New Trends in Chinese Outbound Tourism: Consequences for the International Hospitality Industry

    Wolfgang Georg Arlt  

    Part IV Internationalization Strategies and Business Operations

    18. The Role of Mergers and Acquisitions as Growth Strategies in the International Hospitality Industry

    Volkan Genc, Seray Gulertekin Genc, and Engin Aytekin

    19. Hotel Firms: Who Internationalizes and How? Evidence from the Spanish Hotel Industry

    Oriol Anguera-Torrell

    20. Brand Relevance and Relevance of Brands in the Global Hotel Industry - A Look at Research and Practice

    Marco A. Gardini

    21. Brand Identity and Positioning in Selected Indian Chain Hotel Companies

    Saurabh Kumar Dixit, and Abijith Abraham

    22. The Development of Hotel Management Contracts in China

    Lianping Ren

    23. International Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry

    Xander Lub

    24. Innovation Management in the International Hotel Industry

    Ige Pirnar25. Success Factors of SME Hotel Management Companies in China: A Revisit

    Arthur Wang

    Part V International Challenges and Perspectives: A Case Study Approach

    26. Knowledge Replication and Adaptation in the International Growth of Hospitality Firms: The Case of Paulaner

    Desiderio Juan García-Almeida, Laura Schmidt, and Burkhard von Freyberg

    27. The Special Role of ´Hospitableness´ for Customer Satisfaction in South Tyrol (Italy)

    Anja Marcher, Philipp Corradini, Harald Pechlaner, and Michael Volgger

    28. Keys to Success: Connective Structures for Educational Innovations in the Hotel Industry

    Hartwig Bohne

    29. Owner-Managers’ Interpretations of Digitalization in SME Management Processes: A Qualitative Study in the Hospitality Industry

    Robert Eller, Mike Peters, and Tatijana Pantovic

    30. Sports Stadium Hospitality and Catering – A Global Perspective

    Thorsten Merkle, and Philippa Golding

    31. Hotel Market Analysis: The Case of Beijing, China

    Jichul Jang Misun (Sunny) Kim, and Hyunghwa Oh

    32. A Regional Approach to Attracting and Retaining Employees – A Chance for Small and Medium-sized Hotels?

    Celine Chang, and Kathrin Eberhard


    Marco A. Gardini is Professor of International Hospitality Management and Marketing, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, at Kempten UAS, Germany.

    Michael C. Ottenbacher is Head of the Department of Hospitality Management at Kansas State University, USA.

    Markus Schuckert is Associate Professor in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong S.A.R., China.

    "In the cusp of a new industrial revolution, how is international hospitality shaped by the various emerging forces and pressures and how are businesses responding to the new challenges?  Is the hospitality business culture changing and what business models will be adopted to address the dynamism of the hospitality environment in the new networked economy? This companion is reader-friendly and very useful resource equally for early-career and seasoned hospitality researchers and practitioners in answering these questions and many others that arise in the field of international hospitality business management." Prof. Dr. Alexandros Paraskevas, University of West London, UK


    "The hospitality industry has always considered itself to be an international business, but today´s challenges as a result of progressing globalization have a completely different dimension than twenty years ago. It was about time for this handbook, as this anthology will provide readers with an extensive overview of issues pertaining to the strategic and operational debate on globalization within the hospitality industry." Prof. Dr. Stephan Gerhard, Serial Hospitality Entrepreneur, Owner/Founder TREUGAST Solutions Group, 25hours, Arcona Hotels & Resorts etc., Germany


    "As an international industry, the hospitality business is facing fast-paced changes as a result of exponential growth and economic strength in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This handbook will empower readers to master challenges ahead and to leverage the opportunities of globalization and growth in the hospitality sector. Its industry-oriented approach is extremely useful and well balanced resource for practitioners, academics and students in international hospitality management and beyond." Maria Yue, Director Finance for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House Brands Asia Pacific, Hong Kong SAR, China.