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    The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics is an outstanding, comprehensive and accessible guide to the major themes, thinkers, and issues in metaphysics. The Companion features over fifty specially commissioned chapters from international scholars which are organized into three clear parts:

    • History of Metaphysics
    • Ontology
    • Metaphysics and Science.

    Each section features an introduction which places the range of essays in context, while an extensive glossary allows easy reference to key terms and definitions. The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics is essential reading for students of philosophy and anyone interested in surveying the central topics and problems in metaphysics from causation to vagueness and from Plato and Aristotle to the present-day.

    General Introduction Robin Le Poidevin  Part 1: History of Metaphysics  Introduction to Part 1 Peter Simons  1. Pre-Socratic Themes: being, not-being and mind David Sedley  2. Plato: arguments for Forms Richard Patterson  3. Aristotle: form, matter and substance Stephen Makin  4. Aristotle: time and change Ursula Coope  5. Medieval Metaphysics 1: the problem of universals Claude Panaccio  6. Medieval Metaphysics 2: things, non-things, God and time John Marenbon  7. Descartes: the Real Distinction Dugald Murdoch  8. Hobbes: matter, cause and motion George MacDonald Ross  9. Spinoza: substance, attribute and mode Richard Glauser  10. Locke: The Primary and Secondary Quality Distinction Lisa Downing  11. Leibniz: mind-body causation and pre-established harmony Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra  12. Berkeley: arguments for idealism Tom Stoneham  13. Hume: necessary connections and distinct existences Alexander Miller  14. Kant: the possibility of metaphysics Lucy Allais  15. Hegel and Schopenhauer: reason and will Rolf-Peter Horstmann  16. Anti-Metaphysics I: Nietzsche Maudemarie Clark  17. Bradley: the supra-relational absolute William Mander  18. Whitehead: process and cosmology Peter Simons  19. Heidegger: the question of Being Herman Philipse  20. Anti-Metaphysics II: verificationism and kindred views Cheryl Misak  21. Metaphysics revivified Avrum Stroll  Part 2: Ontology: On What Exists  Introduction to part 2 Ross P. Cameron  22. To Be Christopher Daly  23. Not to Be Graham Priest  24. Razor Arguments Peter Forrest  25. Substance David Robb  26. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties Ross P. Cameron  27. Universals: the contemporary debate Fraser McBride  28. Particulars herbert Hochberg  29. Persistence, Composition and Identity Nikk Effingham  30. Relations John Heil  31. Facts, Events and States of Affairs Julian Dodd  32. Possible Worlds and Possibilia John Divers  33. Mathematical Entities Peter Clark  34. Fictional Objects Richard Hanley  35. Vagueness Elizabeth Barnes  36. Minor Entities: surfaces, holes and shadows Roberto Casati  37. Truth-Makers and Truth-Bearers John Bigelow  38. Values Kevin Mulligan  Part 3: Metaphysics and Science  Introduction to Part 3 Robin Le Poidevin  39. Space, Absolute and Relational Tim Maudlin  40. The Infinite Daniel Nolan  41. The Passage of Time Eric Olsen  42. The Direction of Time D. H. Mellor  43. Causation Michael Tooley  44. Laws and Dispositions Stephen Mumford  45. Probability and Determinism Philip Percival  46. Essences and Natural Kinds Alexander Bird  47. Metaphysics and Relativity Katherine Hawley  48. Metaphysics and Quantum Physics Peter J. Lewis  49. Supervenience, Reductionism and Emergence Howard Robinson  50. Biometaphysics Barry Smith  51. Social Entities Amie L. Thomasson  52. The Mental and the Physical Louise Antony  53. The Self John Campbell  A Short Glossary of Metaphysics Peter Simons and Ross P. Cameron


    Robin Le Poidevin (Edited by), Peter Simons (Edited by), Andrew McGonigal (Edited by), Ross Cameron (Edited by)

    ‘The Routledge Philosophy Companions series has a deserved reputation for impressive scope and scholarly value. This volume is no exception … The editors successfully assemble chapters most relevant to contemporary work in metaphysics, a welcome trend in reference works for the 21st century. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All academic libraries supporting lower-level undergraduates and above.’ - Choice

    ‘The field of metaphysics is flourishing - and with an outstanding cast of contributors, the impressively-broad and satisfyingly-deep Routledge Companion to Metaphysics offers a superb guide to many of its most engaging and perplexing twists and turns, both historical and contemporary.’ - Hud Hudson, Western Washington University, USA

    The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics features over fifty articles, by some of the most prominent contemporary metaphysicians, covering virtually every major topic. Its combination of historical sweep and intellectual breadth set it apart from anything else on the market.’ - Jonathan Schaffer, Australian National University, Australia 

    ‘This monumental volume presents a lively, up-to-date and extremely rich panorama of the present state of metaphysical debate. The 53 fully cross-referenced contributions  are both admirably clear and deeply illuminating. It is difficult to imagine anything more useful for a course in metaphysics. This is bound to become a reference work for all scholars and students interested in metaphysics.’ - Andrea Bottani, Bergamo University, Italy