The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology  book cover
8th Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology

ISBN 9781138652606
Published December 9, 2019 by Routledge
654 Pages 58 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Now in its eighth edition, this magisterial work offers a comprehensive survey of the stories of Greek myth, from the Olympian gods, through the lesser gods and deities, to the heroes, adventures, and foundation myths of the ancient Greek world.

The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology sets out to provide a comprehensive history of the divine order and mythical prehistory of Greece, as systematized on a genealogical basis by Hesiod and the ancient mythographers, while also taking into account the ways in which individual myths have changed and evolved over time in different genres of literature. This new edition has been extensively rewritten and reorganized to make it more accessible to readers who may have no particular knowledge of the ancient world and Greek mythology, and to ensure that information on each myth or mythical figure is easy to find within the book.

This new edition of the handbook continues to offer an essential reference resource for all students of Greek mythology, and it provides an accessible and comprehensive overview of these stories for anyone with an interest in the classical world.

Table of Contents

List of figures




1. Sources for Greek Myth

2. First Beginnings and the Age of the Titans

First beginnings

The marriage of Earth and Sky

Cronos and the Titans

3. The Three Great Divine Families

The descendants of the Titans

The family of Earth and Sea

The family of Night

4. The Rise of Zeus and Revolts against his Rule

How Zeus established himself as the supreme god

The marriage of Zeus and the completing of the Olympian circle

Revolts against Zeus and the Olympian order

5. Hades, Demeter and the Mythology of the Underworld

Hades, Persephone and Demeter

Mythology of the Underworld

Other myths of Demeter

6. Hera, Hestia and Poseidon

Hera, the consort of Zeus and goddess of marriage

Hestia, the virgin goddess of the hearth

Poseidon, the lord of the seas and the earthquake

7. Apollo, Artemis and Athena

Apollo and Artemis, the twin children of Zeus and Leto

Athena, goddess of warfare and handicrafts

8. Dionysos, Hermes, Hephaistos and Aphrodite

Dionysos, the god of wine and ecstasy

Hermes, divine messenger and trickster

Hephaistos, the divine blacksmith

Aphrodite, goddess of love

9. Lesser Deities and Nature-spirits

10. The Early Mythical History of Argos

The first Inachids in Argos and in Egypt and Phoenicia

Danaos returns to Argos with his daughters, the Danaids

Proitos and Acrisios, and the arrival of Bellerophon and Melampous

Perseus and his immediate descendants

11. The Life of Heracles

The birth of Heracles and his early life at Thebes

The twelve labours of Heracles

Heracles’ servitude to Omphale and major campaigns

The later life of Heracles in northern and central Greece

12. The Return of the Heraclids

13. Minos, Theseus and the Myths of Crete

Minos, the Minotaur and the young Theseus

The family of Minos and later kings of Crete

14. The Kings of Athens

The reign and adventures of Theseus

The earlier kings of Athens

15. Theban Mythology from Cadmos to Oedipus

Cadmos and the founding of Thebes

Regents and interlopers

The tragic history of Oedipus

16. The Theban Wars

The Seven against Thebes and the myth of Antigone

The second Theban War and its consequences

How the Theban Wars affected the dynastic history of Argos

17. The Family of Deucalion and Hunt for the Calydonian Boar

Deucalion and his family

Legends of Aetolia and the hunt for the Calydonian boar

18. Jason and the Argonauts

The origin of the golden fleece and why Jason was sent to fetch it

The voyage of the Argonauts

Jason and Medeia in Greece

19. The Early Pelopids and the Family of Achilles and Ajax

The early history of the Pelopids

Achilles, Ajax and the Asopid family

20. The Royal Families of Troy and Sparta

The Trojan royal family

The old Spartan royal family

The origin of the Trojan War

21. The Trojan War

The Greeks cross over the sea and lay siege to Troy

The first nine years of the war

Foreign allies and final confrontations

The fall of Troy and sack of the city

22. The Return Journeys of the Greek Heroes

The returns of the Greeks

The wanderings of Odysseus

The murder of Agamemnon and later history of the Pelopids

23. Aeneas, Romulus and the Origins of Rome

24. Legends of Arcadia and Final Miscellany

The legends of Arcadia

A final miscellany


Bibliographical note

Genealogical tables

Main Index

The Great Olympian Gods

Selective Geographical Index

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Robin Hard has published translations of the Library of Apollodorus, the only surviving comprehensive ancient handbook of Greek mythology, and of treatises on astral mythology and various philosophical works.


'The new Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology retains all the acclaimed virtues of the 2004 edition, a completely rewritten and meticulously updated version of H.J. Rose’s time-tested compendium. But this latest version provides an even more useful tool: Robin Hard has totally reorganized the earlier presentation of the often-complex stories about gods and heroes, more lucidly streamlining and sequencing the material, highlighting interconnections, and drawing attention to such matters as ancient cosmology and cult. The result is a fresh, clear narrative, featuring a strong story line while also attuned to curious lesser-known variants. An ideally accessible reference work, it can also be read straight through, with pleasure'.

Richard Martin, Stanford University, USA