1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Sociology and Christianity

Edited By Dennis Hiebert Copyright 2023
    478 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge International Handbook of Sociology and Christianity examines the intersection of the sociology of religion – a long-standing focus of sociology as a discipline – and Christianity – the world’s largest religion. An internationally representative and thematically comprehensive collection, it analyzes both the sociology of Christianity and Christian approaches to sociology, with attention to the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant branches of Christianity. An authoritative, state-of-the-art review of current research, it is organized into five inter-connected thematic sections, considering the overlapping emergence of both the Christian religion and the social science, the conceptualization of and engagement with Christianity by sociological theory, the ways in which Christianity shapes and is shaped by various social institutions, the manner in which Christianity resists and promotes various forms of social change, and the identification, diagnosis, and correction of social problems by sociology and Christianity. This volume is an invaluable collection for scholars and advanced students, with special appeal for those working in the fields of sociology and social theory, as well as religious studies and theology

    Introduction to the Handbook: The Intersection of Sociology and Christianity

    PART 1: The History of Christianity and Sociology

    Introduction to Part 1: The History of Christianity and Sociology

    1. Sociological Perspectives on First Century Christianity

    Anthony J. Blasi

    2. Civilizational Analysis in Historical Sociology: Christianity in World History

    Yulia Prozorova

    3. Orthodox Christian Diasporas in the West: Grounding the Tradition

    Marco Guglielmi

    4. Saint-Simon, Saint-Simonism, and the Triumph of Comte’s Vision of Sociology

    Joseph A. Scimecca

    5. Definitions of Religion in Classical Sociology: Transcendence in Durkheim and Weber

    Evan F. Kuehn

    6. The Rise of Public Religion in Countries of Catholic Tradition Joseba Garcia Martin and Benjamín Tejerina

    7. A Social History of Christofascism

    Steven Foertsch and Christopher M. Pieper

    PART 2: Contemporary Sociological Theory and Christianity

    Introduction to Part 2: Contemporary Sociological Theory and Christianity

    8. Individualism, Collectivism, and Christianity

    Tsung-I Hwang

    9. The Spatial Turn in the Study of Religion

    Jeffrey Robert Thomas

    10. Post-Critical Sociology and Christianity

    Henry Kwok

    11. Sociology, Christianity, and Critical Realism

    Brad Vermurlen

    12. De-colonization, Sociology, and Christianity

    Henry Kwok

    13. The Ethics of Globalization

    Clinton E. Stockwell

    14. Ethics and Society: A Theory of Comparative Worldviews

    Tong Zhang

    PART 3: Social Institutions and Christianity

    Introduction to Part 3: Social Institutions and Christianity

    15. Current Research on Religious Socialization in the Global North

    David Rohall

    16. Theologically Informed Family Theory

    Todd F. Martin

    17. Marriage Payments among Christian Communities in Southern India

    Sristi Mondal and Anand Ranjan

    18. Megachurches in the United States: Co-Sanctified Lexicons as Worldviews

    Valerie Hiebert

    19. Contemporary Christian Music and Contemporary Worship Music

    Ibrahim Abraham

    20. The Impact of Western Christianity on Trade Unionism

    Theodore Koutroukis

    21. Faith on the Ballot, Faith in the Ballot: The Democratic Process in Kenya

    Martin Munyao and Sylvia W. Muriuki

    Part 4: Social Change and Christianity

    Introduction to Part 4: Social Change and Christianity

    22. Poverty in Working Classes and Christian Social Movements in Britain

    Victoria Turner

    23. The Social Gospel Movement in the United States

    Clinton E. Stockwell

    24. Liberation Theology in Latin America

    Madeleine Cousineau

    25. Black Christianity and Black Liberation Movements in the United States

    Shaonta’ E. Allen

    26. Peacebuilding in Fragile, War-Torn Societies in Africa

    Anne Kubai

    27. The Construction of Online Christian Sacred Space in Indonesia

    Izak Y.M. Lattu

    28. The Cultural Turn from Religion Toward Spirituality in the Global North

    Dennis Hiebert

    PART 5: Applied Sociology and Christianity

    Introduction to Part 5: Applied Sociology and Christianity

    29. Applied and Clinical Sociology: A Christian Perspective

    Joshua D. Reichard

    30. Seeking Ethical Discernment in Christian Legality and Community

    Laura R. Ford

    31. Christianities and Socialisms

    Joerg Rieger

    32. The Relevance of Christian Ethics to the Ethic of Care

    Sanja Ivic

    33. Theological Influences on Mobilization of Opposition to Modern Slavery

    Matthew C. Clarke

    34. Christianity and Human Rights

    Olga Breskaya and Giuseppe Giordan

    35. The Recurring Christian Debate about Social Justice

    Dennis Hiebert



    Dennis Hiebert is a semi-retired professor of sociology teaching at the University of Manitoba, Canada, with special interest in public sociology. He is Past President of the Christian Sociological Association, current editor of the Journal of Sociology and Christianity and the author, most recently, of Rationality, Humility, and Spirituality in Christian Life.